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QotD: Car Features

Question: What is the most important feature in your car?

My Answer: The most important is that it "goes" of course, but that's not in the spirit of the question. The most important feature - the one that I like the most - is the stereo. I could not stand to have a car without a stereo (and a good one at that).

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4 Responses to "QotD: Car Features"

  1. QOTD: Car Features

    What is the most important feature in your car? 5 wheels and a couple seats. An engine would help too. Oh yeah, and a frame. Really though, when I look at a car, I look at the things I can't/won't change. These include the basic body style, the engine,...

  2. I concur. My stereo is the most important aspect of my vehicle aside from a working engine.

  3. I'm a little superficial, looks are the most important feature for me. It has to look good, or I won't enjoy it.

    Handling comes in at a close second place though.

  4. Chiming in with another superficial comment. I got my car for the looks - the rims/tires and the sleekness makes heads turn. I won't let anyone know I'm watching them look at my car - that's what window tinting and sunglasses are for. 🙂