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Hard Drive Names

I've still yet to take the G5 out of its box (been busy, really) since I got it on Friday, but I've now got the names for its hard drives: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. These names fit perfectly, I think, and it was a stroke of brilliance for Gabe to suggest them by asking "what's your favorite movie?"

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, 250 GB SATA drives, will replace my current G4's 120 GB ATA drives, "Gaia" and "Monde" as the main holding tanks for the crap I require to function day in and day out.

Hmm, now I've got to find an appropriate icon (and only one, since I psync one drive to the other nightly). Any suggestions?

13 Responses to "Hard Drive Names"

  1. Why would you psync them rather than setting up a RAID mirror? Just curious...

  2. Why wouldn't I? What's the advantage to setting up a RAID? If I screw something up on a RAID, it's instantaneously screwed up on both drives. If I delete something on one in a psynced system, I can still get it from the other for up to 24 hours or so. Maybe a RAID will suit me better - but tell me why?

  3. Maybe you can get icons made of Tim Roth and Gary Oldman? Being a huge Star Wars fan, my hard drive names are Kenobi, Amidala, and (now defunct) Skywalker. The icon for Kenobi is a Jedi Starfighter and Amidala's icon is the Royal Naboo Starship. Geeky? Damn right it is. But it looks cool.

    Skywalker, in case you're curious, was re-named "Margarita" when my parents took posession of the old iMac.

  4. Ah yes, nerdy naming schemes. The drives in this computer are Durandal, Balmung, Hrunting and Juarez. The first three are names of mythological swords. The last one is a word play on "warez." 🙂

    Durandal is also the name of an AI in the Marathon games, which is the scheme I use for my computers -- thus I have Durandal, Cortana and Tycho, all AIs from Bungie games.

  5. Naming your hardisks have to characters that are fated to die from the beginning is bad karma, dude. 😉

  6. Ten out of ten people eventually die, no? I get your point, though. 🙂

  7. Re-Install and Hard Drive Names

    I reinstalled OS X on my iBook Saturday and it's still not completely set up the way it was before....

  8. I once had two cats with the same names... Excellent Play, great movie. I have also been thinking up names for my G5^2 that is due (supposedly) 10/30. Excellent names you have chosen.

  9. You could do something with a skull for an icon, it is often a symbol associated with Hamlet and particularly poignant for the two characters...

  10. My drive is named KineticSynthetic. It's a Utah Saints song.

  11. Pounce, Panther, Pounce

    So how does a "computer geek" spend a cold and blustery Saturday Night in early November? He spends it playing with computers and helping friends out, right? So, let me enlighten you on all the fun I had - really....

  12. I just bought a 160GB drive for my G5. Now I'm in the process of looking for a cool name for it. I came across your site on my search. I've always used names like "Nuclear Toaster" or "Solar Reactor" but I'm looking for something refreshing.