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QotD: Two Points

Question: The two-point conversion in the NFL: good or bad?

My Answer: I was glad that they finally brought it back. It's a good thing, and unlike the DH in the AL, I hope that it remains for quite a long time.

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6 Responses to "QotD: Two Points"

  1. I like it. I also like the instant replay. Now if they could just address the OT rules.

    This year there have been about a half dozen OTs. In all but one case, the team that won the coin toss won the game. 4 quarters and it comes down to a coin toss. Arrgghh.

    BTW the answer is simple, first team to score 6 points wins.

  2. I think the coin toss thing is fine. Statistically, it's something like 52/48% or something like that.

  3. I suppose that's true. However, it's also a red herring. If you want to look at the stats, you need to look at that post 1994 stats. It's closer to 60%. Last season 40% of the OT games ended with only one team touching it.

  4. I think the NFL should use the same rules for OT from college football. I think it will create more exiciting games, especially come playoff time.

    As for the two-point conversion. I like it. It could mean the difference between a win, loss, or going into overtime.

  5. The two-ponit conversion is good. OT should be similar to basketball and hockey. Just give both teams another quarter or something. This would suck for certain Monday Night Football games, but it would be cool to have a tight, triple OT Super Bowl every so often.

  6. The problem with the extra quarter is that it starts to affect the next week's games. Players get tired and hurt. I also think that currently (by rule) it's a tie after 1 quarter.

    The problem with the college system is that it isn't representative of the teams. It boils down to red-zone offense and red-zone defense. There are no kick-offs. There are no punts. There are no speed receivers. Plus it's just too damn silly. 😉

    I like the "first team to six points" because it gives a team a chance to march down the field and score, but they need to march down the WHOLE field. If they settle for a field goal, the other team gets a shot at it. It just seems simple.

    I suppose that I could also be OK with moving the kick-off location back to the pre-1994 location (for overtime). Like Eric mentioned, it was somewhat balanced there.