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Tennessee 30, Pittsburgh 13

Football is a game of numbers, and this one can be summarized pretty easily:

                Tenn      Pitt
  First Downs:  9         25
 Time of Poss:  24:10     35:50
        Plays:  39        75
Rushing Yards:  40        69
Passing Yards:  158       307

I've left one off, and it's the most important:

Interceptions:  0         2

Tommy Maddox was off today. Amos Zereoue needs to learn to run straight ahead and stop trying to juke before he's made yards. The defense played pretty well (though I'd beat some sense into Chad Scott if I could right about now). Two interceptions? That was the game. That and the safety.

P.S. At least I got to watch the Steelers go to 2 and 2, unlike Rick.

2 Responses to "Tennessee 30, Pittsburgh 13"

  1. Ah, my Monday source of of Steelers scores. Being without television service, and being in a town that is big on the Panthers, one doesn't get to see the Steelers game if one wants. Ah well.

  2. Yeah, sorry for the lame storyline on this one, but I was pretty bummed at their play and the score. They thoroughly outplayed the Titans except on, oh, four plays: two interceptions and two plays by Chad Scott.