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smartcast.jpgLast week I bought a Smartcast watch and an extra radar beacon. José and I tested it in my apartment complex pond, and it worked pretty well. Early tests in saltwater were simply frustrating, and didn't work as expected. The thing will get another test on Lake Ida tomorrow morning when I try to catch some bass with some plastic worms and crankbaits. Yeah, we'll see.

The primary reason I picked this thing up is not for the same reasons Humminbird likes to advertise - that you can cast to exactly where you want to fish and get a reading. Instead, I got it because a fishfinder on a kayak would take up entirely too much room. This thing is a watch and a small floating beacon - very compact.

Others seem to like it.

2 Responses to "Smartcast"

  1. I agree, it's a real cutie. Okay, I'm probably using the wrong word for such a device, but it really is. It's what technology should be. Of course, it doesn't make me a better fisherman.. although I'm proud to say it has helped improve my average yield by 100%.. 100% of no fish caught = still 100% 😉

  2. Combine this with your PDA, your GPS, your cell phone and your laptop with wireless internet, and finally nature has become the video game we all wish it truly was. I bet you could even get a little coffee maker to bring along. Watch out nature, here we come!

    Just kidding, it is a cute little device. I don't like fishing (I don't even eat fish), but I've loved the out of doors for my whole life, and while I don't typically go for outdoor themed gadgetry, this does seem useful for people who like to fish. And it is definitely compact, which goes a long ways towards being low impact.