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QotD: Bluetooth

Question: Do you have Bluetooth anything?

My Answer: I have a Bluetooth PowerBook. I have Bluetooth G5. I have a Bluetooth module (USB) that I used to use on my dual G4. You want it? $25 and it's yours. For the USB module, not the dual G4. Once again, a technology flounders until Apple takes up the charge.

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6 Responses to "QotD: Bluetooth"

  1. I specifically got Bluetooth with my G5 so that I could sync wirelessly with my Nokia 3650 and I must say, I love the functionality. Incredibly useful, easy and convenient.

  2. No bluetooth on my G4 (450Mhz AGP), no bluetooth phone, not even a bluetooth RACING CAR!

  3. I have a Bluetooth phone, a T68i. I love being able to sync my addressbook & calendar with it, but I hate the sound quality & poor reception. I'm now looking for another Bluetooth phone with better reception.

    I would like to get a Bluetooth mouse for my 12" PowerBook G4 when I find one I like (not the one from Apple). I don't like Microsoft's Bluetooth IntelliMouse - it's way too big & ugly. Something like Kensington's Optical Elite (which I now use) would be nice.

  4. I have bluetooth on my PB17 and on a daily basis I will sync my iCal (need some hacks) and Address Book with my Sony Ericsson p800 phone. Waiting to buy a Bluetooth mouse (I call it a mouse without tail), but I am wondering how responsive those mouse be?

  5. Belkin USB Bluetooth dongle, Siemens S55 mobile, Ericsson T68mi mobile

  6. Wireless

    From nslog(): Question: Do you have Bluetooth anything? My answer: Nope. My phone is fairly new but isn't Bluetooth enabled....