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Queer Eye for the Montana-ites

The Montana Fucktard, errr, Family Coalition plans to launch a campaign against the TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. They call it "trash" that should not be on TV. They go on to say this:

A really good reality show for gay people would be five gay men dying of AIDS.

Though I admire their desire to get AIDS back in the spotlight (sarcasm here, folks), this MFC is so completely fucked in the head that they are the ones dying of a disease. One called "stupidity."

I've previously written about this show, and it's amusing to a point, but it's also one I simply don't care to see. Lucky for me, I'm perfectly capable of changing the station. I do. Wow, what freedom! No longer is this "trash" on my TV!

Years ago when I was in college, Ellen DeGeneres "came out" on her show Ellen. The next day, on a radio station, you wouldn't believe the number of bible belters that called in to protest against, in the words of one, "the smut that pervades our primetime." As I recall, Ellen didn't even kiss or hold hands with another woman.

Sometimes we as Americans get fucked in the head. Turned around in our way of thinking. We think that our rights are more important than the rights of others, even those of other Americans. We think that because we don't agree with something, it must be wrong, and by God, it must be taken off television! I didn't spend much time in Europe, but what little time I did spend there taught me that we, as American, are just that: fucked in the head when it comes to gays in our life (and on our television).

3 Responses to "Queer Eye for the Montana-ites"

  1. right on, erik... for the record, i love Queer Eye. Especially Carson and the cutie who teaches all the straight guys how to use "product" in their hair.

  2. Man, folks like the MFC drive me nuts. Is asking them to get too close to one of the Montana Mountain Men compounds?

  3. If by the hair one you mean Kyan, then yes, he's cute.