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Hubba Hubba

Ahhhh, Britney:


Now she's posing in Esquire, and the cover (above) copies a 1966 pose by actress Angie Dickinson for the November issue of Esquire.

Like I've said before, she may have a dumb stance on politics or only a slightly better than average ability to sing, but she's well above average on the looks scale.

8 Responses to "Hubba Hubba"

  1. Oh, Lord have mercy.

    That is one pretty girl.

  2. Although she is not my favorite, but I must say that this is one really brings the beauty out of her, very sexy in a not so vulgar way as compare to the rolling stones photo.



  4. whoa.

  5. Britney is so hot she makes me want to play for the other team 😀

  6. Damn, I just got that in the mail today from Esquire and wanted to tell you about it, but you're like... a week ahead of me.

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