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QotD: Anyone

Question: If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?

My Answer: I haven't got a clue. Part of me wants to say George W. Bush, so that I could "fix" certain things. Part of me wants to say Britney Spears, so that I could sleep with myself (when I got back into my body, I'd sure have some stories to tell!). Hugh Hefner, perhaps. I just don't know. I'm pretty happy as me, most days.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Anyone"

  1. Colin Farrel. That guy has the life and a cool accent.

  2. hmm, how about bill gates. That way I could do something to really screw up MicroSoft. 😛

  3. "I, Bill Gates, do write this check to Arcterex for the sum of 100 Billion dollars. Love, Bill".


  4. The girl I have a secret crush on at the time so I could plant "you need to hook up with this guy" seeds. Evil.

  5. I'd be an incredibly attractive college girl. Then I'd seduce my current girl friend. Not only would it be cool to see what it can be like on the other side, but I'd also get to see how my gf would handle that sort of thing.

    Afterthought -- I'd also try to take pictures.