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Cleveland 33, Pittsburgh 13

The shine is off of Tommy Maddox. Several bad decisions, several bad throws, and a completely absent running game left the Steelers not in Steel Town this evening, but in Shit Town. Everywhere you looked, the Steelers looked pathetic. The offensive line couldn't hold off a four-man rush. Zereoue couldn't hit a hole without trying a spin move to save his life. The secondary couldn't defend, and Maddox couldn't hit open receivers. Heck, the receives could barely get open.

Three touchdowns run back for touchdowns this year from Maddox. 37 points to the Browns of all teams. They're not that good a team. Tim Couch played like Tommy Maddox should be playing, completing pretty much every pass he threw. I can barely remember a pass completed by Maddox.

Pathetic. The season isn't over by a long stretch, but at 2-3 and going downhill, I'm not terribly optimistic.