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GSM… Tomorrow?

A week ago I wrote about how Cingular would be GSM in a week where I live. Good thing, too, as I just snapped the antenna off of my reliable, trusty Motorola v60. While the v600 isn't out yet (the phone I really want), I imagine I may be picking up a T616 to tide me over.

I don't know how it broke off. I went to answer it, and it cut out with a "no service" light, and only then did I notice that the antenna (and some of the phone into which it fits) was missing. It didn't just unscrew - it broke off, taking part of its joint mate with it. I doubt the insurance I've got on the phone (through Cingular) covers that stuff, does it?

Fuck. I was going to get rid of it, but not like this, and not this soon. Will Cingulars even have GSM phones? Will I have to get by with some lame-ass TDMA phone until the v600 becomes available? What to do? Ugh. >:-o

7 Responses to "GSM… Tomorrow?"

  1. T-Mobile gives out loaner phones for up to 2-weeks or something... Quite handy for situations like this. I'd ask the Cingular sales rep about it.

  2. I don't know the vagaries of your protection plan, but if it is a handset replacement plan -- I had one of those back when phones were expensive and losing one meant I'd be out a lot of cash I didn't have -- they should be happy to honor it.

    My guess is they would rather a broken phone to recycle than nothing at all. I'd recommend calling them and asking, because the local stores might not have all the details (or understand them). Once you settle it over the phone, ask them if it would be possible to go to the store to pick up a loaner and/or your new phone.

    You might be able to get a V60 to tide you over.

  3. They won't recycle something that works except for the antenna. The phones you get as replacements are the ones people before you had and broke. 🙂

  4. They didn't have the T616. So I paid $30, cancelled my insurance plan (only really does shit if it's lost or stolen - whoopty doo!), and had my antenna replaced. I'll wait until December 6 - the date they told me the v600 would be available - to replace my v60t.

  5. Cingular went GSM in my area a while back. Though I didn't upgrade (they didn't have the Motorola v600 I want), I did note that...

  6. Where oh where is my Motorola v600? If a phone was ever vaporware, this may be it. Motorola's site should say "Coming Soon… since 1997!" Peh. The battery life on my venerable v60 is dwindling, as is the reception quality....

  7. I brought home my Motorola v600 last night and attempted to set it up with my Mac. I've waited quite a while for this phone, so I was quite eager. Unfortunately, Mac OS X 10.3.3 and iSync 1.4 greeted my...