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QotD: Fastest

Question: What's the fastest you've ever travelled in a car? Were you at the wheel?

My Answer: 127 and yes. And if I told you in what car you wouldn't believe me.

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18 Responses to "QotD: Fastest"

  1. 135mph on the Florida Turnpike. I held on the wheel for dear life and enjoyed every second of it. I will not, however, ever try that again...

  2. aren't cars made in the US now made to not go over 100MPH?

  3. About 125mph in a 1998 Ford Contour SE. The straightaway was a blast, the unexpected turn at the end somewhat less so.

  4. About 220 Km/H in my girlfriend's dad's Mercedes about 10 years ago. And yup, I was driving. I touched 200 Km/H on a Kawasaki K1000 I took out on a demo ride this Spring. And in my own vehicles, I held a steady 110 mph for a few miles in my '66 Valiant while my mum slept in the passenger seat. I also hit 110 mph on my '76 Triumph Bonneville going downhill (with someone else's girlfriend riding pillion) on the long straight from North Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay. (I wish I could get the old gal to go that fast again, but she seems to top out at about 90 mph these days - maybe it's 'cause Vancouver is at sea level and I live a mile up.)

  5. 140mph (225kph) in a souped up Subaru Impreza RS down Highway 1 in California. Oh yeah. The second place is more odd, 115mph (185kph) in a Volvo station wagon. That turbo wagon could really move!

    I was driving both times, and yes, I trust myself, but no, I don't trust anyone else, so I didn't hold those speeds long. 🙂

  6. QotD: Fastest

    Question: What's the fastest you've ever travelled in a car? Were you at the wheel? -- 205 km/h (about 127 mph) on the German Autobahn a few years ago in a rented BMW M5 E34 (but don't tell that...

  7. 125mph in a 2002 VW Jetta. Yes I was driving, yes I purchased the car that same day.

  8. Somewhere around 115mph on the Taconic... Pulled out of the rest area, noticed there was no one in front of me, turned up the Driving To Bard Mix (consisting of the awesome tunes of Iggy Pop, Janis Joplin and the like) and looked down when my poor '95 Escort started shaking.

    Oops. Sorry Emilene.

  9. ~120mph in a 1993 Dodge Stealth. On loan from a friend while he was out of town, I was on a little two lane road just on the outskirts of town that had a pretty good straight stretch. I was driving with a friend in the passenger seat egging me to go faster, but I just couldn't. For sure, I'll never do that again. These days, people tell me that I drive like a grandma.

  10. 170km/h in my '98 honda prelue. Late at night and on a straight away. Car still had lots of juice left, but I started getting paranoid about animals running into the road or a speed trap or something. I suck. Still felt good to open it up though 🙂

  11. 105mph in a BMW Z3 and I was driving. It was during their Ultimate Drive (they take a fleet to dealerships around the country for people to drive, and for every mile that goes on the odometer they donate $1 to breast cancer research).

  12. 120 in a '94 Buick Skylark and 120 in a '92 Buick LeSabre. Driving both times. Back when I was an irresponsible driver. Now... speeding just doesn't seem worth it, or even very much fun.

  13. 145 mph in my '02 BMW M3. 145 isn't really that fast in that car, which is frankly scary :).

  14. Just 97MPH in my '96 Jeep Grand Cherokee, because that's what my car tops out at. However, my Mom arranged for me to borrow my Dad's car for my senior prom, because she really wanted me to impress my date (she was a good girl.) So, 110... a newish '99 Jaguar... on a bridge in Florida

  15. I did 131 in my 1996 BMW328is out on a strait away which really didnt seem that fast. Still had alot more left in it. Yes i was the driver. I also did 121 in my old 1995 BMW 318 convertible and yes i was the driver.

  16. the road my house is on is about 2 and a half miles long and i got my 97 buick le sabre up past 100... i cant tell because thats all the speedometer goes up to.

  17. i have gone 102 in the 1/4 mile in my 96 grand cherokee. and 130 in a kia optima on the freeway at 10:00 p.m. i was racing and humiliating a guy in a ford probe, he was luck enough to have his girlfreind with him!!! 😉

  18. I have gone 150 mph on my Honda Hurricane 1000. The wind was shoving my crotch down on the rocket. Nobody ever warned me about that. I have hit over 140 mph during a highspeed autocross and then used the ABS to make the next "gate" at about 40 mph.