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QotD: Peripherals

Question: What's your favorite peripheral, excluding keyboards and mice?

My Answer: That'd easily have to be my iPod, though I value and really like everything else: my hard drive, my card readers, my CD-RW, my iSight, my cameras, everything.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Peripherals"

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    Question: What's your favorite peripheral, excluding keyboards and mice? -- My iPod. Hands down. I've loved the iPod since the first model came out. I got the 5 gig model – one of the first units in Finland, since...

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  3. Eh... my laptop. My main box is my main box, it does my work, it serves my site, it crushes my music, it pretties my pictures, it contacts the universe (yes, I wear the silver foil with the shiny side out), it keeps me in touch with my family, friends and clients, it records the radio and television, it plays the movies, it prints the pretty pages. What it doesn't do is leave the house. Ever. Or visit the deck. Or have much room left. So that's my laptop. The work resides on the main box, I treat it like a server, and the hard drive on my laptop is there for syncing with my iPod (I just don't have room on the main box for 10 GB of music). So the venerable G3 PDQ is my favourite peripheral for the G4.

  4. I would have to say my favorite peripheral is the little Logitech Clicksmart 510 digital camera. It's simple to use. Turn it on. Take some pix. Connect it to the USB port cable and press the glowing green button. The software comes up, I hit OK several times, and the visual of my so-called life is transferred to the PC.

    Since I don't have to keep slips of paper around and pay to have photos developed, I take way too many pix. I've even taken a picture of vomit -- because I could. I editted the photo in Paint, added some cactus, and voila: A desert landscape.

    All that fun and the camera was free when I bought the Dell. You can't ask for much more in a peripheral, or in life.