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Flamingo to Daytona

flamingo_daytona.gifTuesday and Wednesday of this week I embarked on a trek. Rising each day at 4:00am, and on the road by 4:30am each day for a 7:00am launch time, I drove 280 and 380 miles (round trip totals) to Flamingo and Daytona, FL. I fished the first day in Everglades National Park with Charlie, and the second with Mike of Paddle and Let's run the numbers:

Miles (Total):    660
Tanks of Gas:       2
Miles per Gallon:  32
Fish Caught:        4
Species Caught:     4
New Friends:        2
Hours of Sleep:     5
Exhaustion Level: 50%
Mosquito Bites:  ~200

So, a success. Charlie had a big fishing "book" of all the knowledge he's gained. I need to start one. I need to start by documenting conditions, and I need to quickly follow that up with directions to get to places. Y'know, so I can go back some day.

I'm not that tired. I slept in (until 8) today. I feel good. Oh, and the species? Trout, catfish, ladyfish, tarpon. There you have it. Mike nailed three nice size redfish. I was hoping to lock into one, but no luck.