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QotD: Reflexes

Question: How fast are your reflexes?

My Answer: 0.218 seconds without randomly clicking to try to "guess" at the time.

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13 Responses to "QotD: Reflexes"

  1. 0.294 is my personal best so far.

  2. QotD: Reflexes

    Question: How fast are your reflexes? -- I got results in the 0.22 ballpark when I last tried that very same test, but right now I'm getting 0.25 s–0.26 s. I'm guessing the reason is that I'm still half-asleep......

  3. 0.28

  4. 0.271, they weren't joking about addiction.

  5. 0.266 is my best so far.

  6. My best 0.19, but I used a trick 😉 Instead of clicking on Stop when you see the color do this:

    1. click start.

    2. Click STOP, but don't release it.

    3. Release the mouse button when you see the new color...

    Without a trick 0.231 😉

  7. Cornflower blue signifigantly lowered my times.

    without trick -- .265

    with trick -- .156 (only once)

    with guessing -- 0

  8. .172 best time with the trick, .33 average real time.

  9. 0.22 on my first try, thre others drifted from 0.22 to 0.24,

  10. 0.447 after six Big Rock Traditional Ales.

    M u s t    t r y    a g a i n    s o b e r.

  11. 0.311 before my hand cramped. Addictive, yes. Good for you, no. 🙂

  12. Just managed to get 0.11 with the trick. 😉

  13. Just got 0.18, without the trick on my laptop. Ok I also got 0.09 but I guess that clicked that before I've seen the new color. I guess I'm way batter at 2am, than during the day 😉