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QotD: Penny

Question: Should the penny be "end of lifed?"

My Answer: Yes. I think all transactions should be rounded to the nearest nickel (0, 1, 2 round down, 3, 4, 5 round up). And hey, if you want an 18-cent piece, read this. (Update: the article no longer works, but it stated that an 18-cent piece would be the most useful coin we could have. There's a similar article here now.)

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6 Responses to "QotD: Penny"

  1. You know, I actually think that currency should change to use tenths instead of hundredths. Then it's just dimes and half-dollars.

    Then change is reduced significantly and there's no more silliness with pennies, nickels, and quarters. I like the feel of a quarter, but I like a half-buck better.

  2. You wouldn't round down for a 0 or up for a 5. If you did that, something costing a dollar would cost 99 cents, and something that was a nickel would run you a dime.

  3. Oh, and my solution for change lying about the house is to leave with four pennies, one nickel, two dimes, three quarters. That means that when I pay cash for something, I can always get the exact change, or up to 99 cents.

  4. QotD: Penny

    Question: Should the penny be "end of lifed?" -- Erik writes that he thinks everything should be rounded to the nearest nickel (down from 1 and 2, and up from 3, 4 and 5). It'd be a smart move...

  5. Here in Australia the smallest coin is 5 cents. When one pays by credit card or whatever, though, the exact price is used. I think that it'd be hell creating software or a system that takes rounding constantly into account, depending on the payment method; I just don't think that it's "neat".

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