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Pittsburgh 14, Denver 17

And so our anemic offense costs us a game once again. Six points off of three turnovers. A dropped interception at the end, some soft play, and some lame penalties. That's all she wrote.

It was a good game, and the Steelers defense really played well. The offense was horrible. Tommy was cautious - and on-target most of the day - but the line couldn't hold back the rush and the receivers couldn't get open as they have in the past (probably because extra men were on the line to try to protect Tommy).

I've gotta give it to Jerome Bettis, though. That 2-point conversion and the touchdown before it was the bomb, baby! Exciting stuff in Denver today. And hey, Joey Porter didn't get shot this time!

2-4. Bah.

2 Responses to "Pittsburgh 14, Denver 17"

  1. there offensive line is shot and it showed today. 7 sacks for 60 yards! you can't have that happen. the bye week will help them get healthy on the line.

  2. <DenverFan>Ha ha ha ha!</DenverFan>