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Black Point

I went with Charlie today to fish near Black Point Park in southern Miami. I rose at 4am (2 hours after I went to bed), and we grabbed some bait down there. Once we arrived at the park, we had a hell of a time finding the proper yak/canoe ramp. Turns out it's just a rocky "beach" in a mangrove forest. Right next to a "beware of crocodiles" sign. 😛

We fished our way out to our destination, stopping along the way to try to entice some shark to take some pinfish we'd caught for that purpose. No luck. We didn't have much luck all day, actually, ending up with a few snapper and a few trillion small barracuda (6" to 15"). Very small barracuda.

The park closes at sunset, so we had to get back in pretty quick at the end. Stupid park. My GPS performed well (Magellan Meridian Marine). I'm going to bed.