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New Guides

I took my dad's (now mine) old fiberglass rods in to be serviced today. They're great rods - very whippy (at eight feet and with a fairly small butt, the rod guy thought they were fly rods) and I wanted to treat them to some new guides. Especially since one fell out. 🙂

Technology in guides has advanced pretty far, and the new guides are going to be made of some material known as "alconite." They'll handle braided lines (they're rated for wire!). In order to match the color, and to clean up a bunch of nicks and scrapes and cuts, I've had the gentleman do a full strip of the rod. We'll be able to match the color, and I told him to get as creative as he'd like with the new threads. All of this won't affect the performance. The guides are $8.95 apiece, installed, and a full strip is $20.

Roy McFarland's Custom Rods at Outdoor Sports World: (561) 389-5297. I've gotta call him in about three weeks and give him $150 (two rods). I picked up another card while I was there too - Captain Steve Cox fishes for trout, snook, redfish, and tarpon. He calls himself a "light tackle fishing guide" and he can be reached at (561) 588-0059.