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The Z600 and Sucky Cingular

Cingular went GSM in my area a while back. Though I didn't upgrade (they didn't have the Motorola v600 I want), I did note that they had the phones in stock and were gladly selling them to anyone who wanted them.

Knowing that they are, indeed, GSM, I ventured over to to see if they had a listing for a new phone I heard about today, the S-E Z600. Funny, but I shop for phones, type in my zip code, and all I see are TDMA phones, not the $300 GSM ones.

Cingular, get your act together. Please.

5 Responses to "The Z600 and Sucky Cingular"

  1. Good luck on finding that phone in the United States right now Erik, that review was of the malaysian version of the phone and they stated they dont know when it will be available in the USA. If by some chance you do find it, please post a link, because I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

    It beats the T610 in reception and screen clarity, and that's exactly what im looking for.

  2. Yeah, well, it's not an 850 GSM, so Cingular probably won't have it anytime soon.

  3. You should try popping over to the store anyway, and see if it has arrived. There's been a number of time the online store wasn't up to date with the store's inventory.

    And I doubt you need 850Mhz for GSM with Cingular. You don't need it out here in CA.

  4. I brought home my Motorola v600 last night and attempted to set it up with my Mac. I've waited quite a while for this phone, so I was quite eager. Unfortunately, Mac OS X 10.3.3 and iSync 1.4 greeted my...

  5. I've been waiting for the z600 myself... I've looked everywhere on the net with little sucess...

    I did find one web site based in new york (or in that area) that would give something like a $75 discount on it when buying it with service... But the phone istelf was really expensive, so the final price wasn't much better than eBay...