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ITMS Link Maker

It feels unusual posting this to the "Computing: General" category, but I wanted to point out that there's now an iTunes LinkMaker. Search for songs, artists, albums, and create links, badges, etc. Great.

I also want to publicly prod one person (perhaps he's named Jason) to get Recent Tunes update out. The update will upload file(s) to your blog so you can have a "now playing" list. It will remain free. Jason, yo, get crackin'! It's nearly done, man, so push hard!

2 Responses to "ITMS Link Maker"

  1. Link That Song

    [via NSLog()]: The iTMS link maker. Your trusty friend when deep linking music on the iTMS. Now, if someone would wrap that into a nifty MT plugin to be used a la [ITMS:Song:Album:Artist] to create links automatically. Nah? Okay :)...

  2. Handy iTunes Utility

    Thanks to NSLog I found an excellent iTunes utility. Recent Tunes, by Jason Marr, stores a list of recently played iTunes songs in your menu bar for quick access. Very...