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PulpFiction Icon, Take 2

pulpfiction_sketch2.jpgAfter yesterday's icon comes this revision. We like this a lot more. We were slightly concerned with the cultural significance of a carton of orange juice, as Andy tells me it's used for whey in Austria, but whey isn't offensive, is it? Most of our target audience will be in the US anyway, let's not kid ourselves.

Adam Betts is doing our icons, by the way. What's odd is that if you Google for 'betts bros icon' this very blog comes up first. 😛

Thanks to those who wrote re: beta testing. Two people IMed me - if they could email me instead, I'll add them to the list. It's full now and it will start sometime last next week or the week after.

3 Responses to "PulpFiction Icon, Take 2"

  1. Nice drawing.

    As pretty as it is, please make sure it degrades nicely to smaller sizes. While I'm working, my Dock icons average to roughly 30x30 in size. Many icons that are gorgeous at full size just become fuzzy when that small (Hydra's, say).

    Make sure you get your fair share of orange into the icon. It'd make it stand out between the millions of blue icons that are around.

  2. Adam continues to work on our PulpFiction icons, this time taking the two sketches we liked and throwing in some color. Here's the first, and...

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