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PulpFiction Icons

pulpfiction_sketch.jpgWork began on our next product's icons today. The result you see to the right. Very, very, very few people know what this app does (or will do), and my guess is that you won't guess it from the picture over there either.

We know now that PulpFiction won't be ready next Friday (for Panther), but we do know that it's coming along nicely, and that the final product should be both simple to use and very powerful, building on established paradigms (I hate that word sometimes) and leveraging a lot of "I already know how to do that." We're trying to make the program accessible, yet feature-rich.

We'll see how it shakes out. Want to beta test? IM or email me privately. You'll need a copy of Panther, first.

10 Responses to "PulpFiction Icons"

  1. I bet it has something to do with managing projects.

  2. Do I get to guess? 😛

  3. Awesome--I can't wait to see it! Congrats on your progress!

  4. After yesterday's icon comes this revision. We like this a lot more. We were slightly concerned with the cultural significance of a carton of orange...

  5. RSS Newsreader?

  6. We're not going to say.

  7. Adam continues to work on our PulpFiction icons, this time taking the two sketches we liked and throwing in some color. Here's the first, and...

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    Application and Toolbar Icon for Freshly Squeezed Software This is definitely the longest icon project I've been in. The long length on designing application icon was mainly my fault because of the difficulty in coming up with a good...

  9. PulpFiction History

    While I reload PulpFiction's product page every 30 seconds, I discovered that on the very first day Erik was talking about the product (back in 2003), one reader actually guessed 100% right what PulpFiction will be.

  10. I was right! LOL! Nice job guys 🙂