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Mr. Sterling

Not only has Fastlane crashed, but it seems that Mr. Sterling is done for as well. Oh well. At least I've still got West Wing. A Sorkin-less West Wing, but a West Wing nonetheless.

9 Responses to "Mr. Sterling"

  1. Sterling was already dead in the water last season. From what I could glean from the rumor sites, the last episode wasn't even aired. Which is a pity, I liked Mr. Sterling.

  2. All you need is 24. 😀

    I haven't really found a show this season that matches up with the style of Fastlane. McG is a producer on The OC so a lot of the camera work is similar, but the plotline is totally different (drama vs. action). This definitely seems like the season for new dramas more than action series. So far from the pilots and episodes I have awtched, Joan of Arcadia is excellent, Skin is above average, Miss Match stinks, Playmakers is above average.

    Hopefully next season will bring a few more action series to try and fill the major void in this season's lineup (imo at least).

  3. I think the acting in Joan of Arcadia leaves a lot to be desired. I just saw the last episode - the first one - and the whole father/son thing was way, way overacted. It's a fresh, interesting concept, though, so I'll give it another week or two.

    Miss Match indeed stinks. And then there's Ed and West Wing which are great. That's almost my complete "watch list" these days - two shows.

  4. I've lost interest in the West Wing. I still have the last four episodes plus all this seasons stored on my TiVo. I may never watch them.

  5. Every show we watched on Friday Nights last season (Farscape, Firefly, John Doe, Mr. Sterling, Robbery Homicide Division) was cancelled. I personally take credit for NBC moving Law & Order: SVU to another night (watched it occasionally). If Joan of Arcadia and JAG are cancelled, you read it here first.

  6. Oops... I forgot to add Providence (although I don't think anyone was watching that by the end).

  7. I liked Mr. Sterling and miss it.

    I watched every episode of Providence.

    Ed and Jag are my favorites now.

    Then there is WB's 7th Heaven and Everwood, I love those...

  8. I am sorry that NBC and the other networks do not feel that "family" shows sell - They have taken everyone of them off,we watched every episode of Providence, and Mr. Sterling. The old series That's Life and many others have only been replaced by "reality" shows that are only defined as "crap" to anyone over 50! Leave something for those of us who stay home and watch TV in the evening.

  9. I loved "Mr. Sterling". It was the best show on television. What do we have to do to get it back?