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QotD: This Decade

Question: For what do you think this decade will be remembered most?

My Answer: The downfall of the music industry as we know it. Of course, that may be wishful thinking, but we'll see. I couldn't think of much better. The 90s are known for the Internet age, I think. It may be too early to say.

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4 Responses to "QotD: This Decade"

  1. You're kidding right? This decade will be looked back on with the same sadness that the 60's were. If only someone had convinced Johnson that Ho Chi Minh would never capitulate, if only someone had convinced Bush that he was right about nation building when he was in the primaries. The parallels between Bush and Johnson on foreign policy are really quite striking.

  2. This decade will be remembered as the decade where the world stop being shocked at Terrorism and took the fight to them.

    With any luck, it will also be the decade where the major terrorists were wiped out (like that will EVER happen).

  3. This decade will be remembered for the biggest swindle ever: the invasion of Iraq.

  4. Who remembers the 00's?