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QotD: Lamest Sport

Question: What's the lamest sport?

My Answer: Auto racing. Drivers piss themselves because there are no restroom breaks and the real "athletes" are multi-million dollar cars. Yet they call it a sport. It may be a race, but it's one that requires substantially less effort by the human than the machine. I don't consider any sport that requires mechanical devices to really be much of a sport. They need a new category for these kinds of things. Hunting and fishing are still sports, though they may fall into this category too because they're sports in which the opponent doesn't know they're playing.

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14 Responses to "QotD: Lamest Sport"

  1. Cricket, as it is the most boring sport ever invented in man kind. Gotta love those English folk

  2. Ok, ive gotta ask...

    Where do you get the QOTD questions from? This is probably going to be a really simple answer or somthing thats starring me in the face but i havnt yet worked it out..

    *sits back and waits for the laughing to start*

  3. Depends on the racing. Left-turn fests like NASCAR is boring. Racing like WRC or Type A racing are far more involved and require lots or practice and skill on half of the driver.

  4. Any "sport" in which you can play and chew tobacco at the same time is not a sport. My 2¢ of course.

  5. Hunting and fishing would be more exciting if they didn't depend on the mechanical devices... hunting deer with nothing but your wits and a bowie knife, for instance.

  6. Lamest Sport? Auto/Nascar. It shouldn't be a sport: driving in a big circle at who-knows-how-fast for hours doesn't cut it in my book.

    [Off topic: The best sport? That's a multi-tie: Baseball (go Cubs), Basketball (either KU or Oklahoma, unless both make it to finals, then I'm screwed:-)), Football (both "American" and "Soccer"), and Rugby.]

  7. I can understand that you think auto racing american style (going around and around in circles) is lame (and I agree). But that is hardly representative of the sport on the whole. Formula one and Rally are far from lame; the drivers are as important as the vehicles in these sports.

    I watched a show a while ago where they took some famous sporting people (soccer players/rugby players etc etc) who thought that they were good drivers and organised them to go for a drive in a Formula 1 car. They would loose control of the car on the straights.

    I think that motorcycle racing is even more impressive - it takes some serious balls to ride a bike at over 300 kph mere inches away from someone else.

    Auto racing is most definitely not a lame sport.

  8. lamest?

    To watch?

    Basketball. Buncha genetic oddities run around dribbling everywhere and make millions of dollars.

    Golf and bowling are pretty lame to watch, too. As is baseball, unless you're AT the park and not watching it on TV. Then it's the whole experience thing.

    To do?

    Boxing. Shows how far we have to go as humans.

  9. BTW...

    Does the comments CGI for this blog run on a 286 or something? Posting is so incredibly slow.

  10. I personally hate sports as a whole, I think they are a waste of time.

    That said, the best sports are Pool and Fencing.

  11. A former Georgetown player is racing in NASCAR's Truck series:

    It's much harder than it looks!

  12. "There are only 3 real sports: bull-fighting, car racing and mountain climbing. All the others are mere games." -- Hemingway

    Lame as auto-racing is, the potential for death is probably far more than say, football or baseball.

  13. Hunting and Fishing

    Question: What's the lamest sport? My answer: I would have to say hunting and fishing. Especially watching it on TV....

  14. Bowling?