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Fish I’ve Caught in FL

- Ladyfish
- Sea Trout
- Pinfish
- Lizard Fish
- Tarpon
- Catfish
- Jack Cravalle
- Barracuda
- Redfish (added 10/28/03)
- Shark (added 10/28/03)
- Snook (added 12/09/03)
- Pufferfish (added 12/09/03)

- Mayan Cichlid
- White Bass
- White Crappie
- (Peacock Bass)
- (Largemouth Bass)

I'll update this list as necessary, but this is where it stands today.

3 Responses to "Fish I’ve Caught in FL"

  1. Headed down to Snake Bight (that's a word, look it up) off of Flamingo, FL today with Charlie. Back on "home turf" so to speak...

  2. I just happened upon your site. Sounds as if you are doing well on the East coast fishing. Do you have pic's of all those fish you described in the above segment? Love to see them. What kind of shark did you catch? Did you catch him on the cheap rod and reel you just bought? He didnt take all of your 175 yds? Did he drag you all around? How exciting was that???? Love your site and will cont to look at it daily. Would love to hear stories and pic;s if possible. Good fishing to you my friend! Kurt Thode

  3. José and I ventured out into a bit of rain and an entirely overcast day today to get in some fishing near the Boca Inlet...