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QotD: Meat World

Question: Has the use of the Internet harmed your "real-world" or "meat-world" relationships?

My Answer: No, it's strengthened them. I use the Internet in two modes: information gathering and communication. They're very similar, but you can also think of them as "readnig" and "writing." As an information gathering device, the Internet is great. I can find the information I want quickly.

Worries were, though, that the communication aspects of the Internet would make interpersonal "meat-world" communication suffer. I can resoundingly say that that's not been the case. I may use the phone less, but I see as many people - or more - because the ease of setting up activities has become easier (i.e. "hey, want to see a movie in 10 minutes?"). Furthermore, closely related to the information (reading) mode, I have met new friends with which I share similar interests (like kayaking, or fishing, or both together).

I'm sure, for some, it's very easy to get sucked into the Web. For me, and for most people I know, the Internet has only served to strengthen (or create) real-world relationships.

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One Response to "QotD: Meat World"

  1. I definitely agree with the ease of setting things up. I find that when, for whatever reason, my internet's down, I'm much less likely to spontaneously go do something fun with real people.