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New Music Friday

Got some CDs today. I'm going to list them here without listing my reasons at all, and I'm fine with that. Okay, maybe I'm not...

Coverage by Mandy Moore for $7.99
Up by Shania Twain for $11.99
Life for Rent by Dido for $9.99
Can't Take Me Home by Pink for $9.99
Stronger, the Remixes by Britney Spears for $0.99

The prices had a lot to do with my decisions. I find remixes interesting, and good mindless upbeat "work" music. My Up CDs have gone missing lately, so I had to replace those. Mandy Moore is a talented little hottie, Dido is a hottie too, and perhaps more talented. Pink, well, I thought I already had that CD, but I didn't, and her new one comes out soon so I wanted to be prepared.

I had actually intended to buy some Black Eyed Peas and some White Stripes. I really don't know why. I've heard the song "Shut Up" from BEP and people keep telling me I'll like White Stripes, but I don't know what to get... Circuit City didn't have any anyway. I dunno...

10 Responses to "New Music Friday"

  1. You should really get some White Stripes, but don't get Elephant (their latest), because it is (very IMHO, of course) not their best at all. I would recommend De Stijl or White Blood Cells. Great albums!

  2. I absolutely hate britney spears more than anyone else in the world (except maybe Bush).

    I still love Joe Strummer's final album, which I bought in iTMS when it was released. Yesterday I bought some Clash remixes (Super Black Market Clash) - I love "Mustapha Dance", which is a remixed version of "Rock the Casbah".

  3. That Dido album is excellent. I didn't think she could top her first album, but she did and then some. Her voice is her best asset (not that the attractive thing isn't a good thing too!) 🙂

    As for Black Eyed Peas, it is an OK CD. I like their old stuff a lot more than this CD though.

  4. you're so a mainstream addict, it's amazing...

  5. Yuck, Britney. Only time I like here is when we get some new cover shots. 😛

    I picked up the new Barenaked Ladies album the other day. Its pretty good. Couple really good songs on it. It doesn't topple Gordon, but its better then average.

    Last couple days I've been listening to Elliot Smith a lot due to his passing. It really sucks to lose someone as talented as he was and from all accounts I've read he was a great guy.

  6. You can find it all on the iTunes Music Store, hehe 🙂

  7. Circuit City is the best!!! I'd also like to thank the public for having such bad taste in movies that Donnie Darko, Boondock Saints, and the Blues Brothers are all only $9.99 at Circuit City thanks to the laws of supply and demand. I also got the Indiana Jones Trilogy for $50, well worth it I think, now the question is, are they really coming out with a 4th Indiana Jones movie?

  8. Shopping for CDs at Circuit City? Certainly there's gotta be an independent store nearby with better prices and selection? Well if not independent, not Circuit City or Best Buy.

  9. No, there isn't. And when would they ever be cheaper?

  10. Best Buy and Circuit City sell CDs as loss leaders, so they're almost always the cheapest brick and mortar places to buy discs.

    I'm kinda conflicted about it -- I like buying cheap things, but I also like rewarding the nearby indie retailer who carries a broader, deeper stock and has employees who actually know music.