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PulpFiction Icons: Comparison

pf_icons.jpgAdam continues to work on our PulpFiction icons, this time taking the two sketches we liked and throwing in some color. Here's the first, and here's the second. At right, you see the colored versions.

My concerns: we've lost the little newspaper from sketch two. The carton, though a better concept, looks muddy at smaller sizes. I like both equally now, but really wish the carton idea could be pulled off better (and the newspaper thing).

But hey, I'm just one person: I want your feedback. What do you think? Be explicit, be clear, and write whatever you want. Icon design is very largely a subjective matter, so opinions matter! I've only got one - my own.

21 Responses to "PulpFiction Icons: Comparison"

  1. overall i like em!!!! the only thing i'm weird about is the orange in the mug. it looks like the mug has a curved lid on it that is shaped like an orange. but otherwise they are piiiiimp!

  2. i think the cup looks better... i like the carton concept better, but it just doesn't size down that well, and for an icon its a bit busy for my tastes.

    this is some great art, though. you found a real talented guy.

  3. I like the carton bit better, because orange in a mug looks a bit weird to me, especially at 32x32. But this is of course subjective. 😉

  4. I think both icons look poor at the smaller sizes. There is too much going on. Instead of just scaling the icon down, you should make a smaller version that means the same thing. Maybe lose the straw or some of the coloring on the carton, and definitly the letters on the mug in the small versions. Maybe just leave the carton/mug and papers, just so people have an idea of what it is, especially after seeing the larger version.

    I also agree with an earlier post, the orange in the mug looks kinda weird, but I like the mug idea better than the carton. I dunno.

  5. So I took the images, dropped them in Interface Builder, and checked how they looked in the dock. Cup definitely looks better at varying sizes and against the Dock-shade as well as my insanely colorful background.

    From a novelty/looks standpoint, I like the carton better, though. How about sticking the straw in the orange? 🙂

  6. Overall I like the carton icon a lot better than the cup icon. It just seems a bit more natural than an orange in a coffee mug. The size 32 carton icon could look a little better. That's just my opinion. I do have to add that both icons are really well done.

  7. I dig the orange in the coffee cup icon. The cartoon is also good, but the coffee cup is better. Can't wait to try out the new app with my own mug of joe.

  8. I like the carton, but it should be simplified for the sake of scaling.

    Having the company name on the carton doesn't look good small; it's too "busy."

    I'd say, keep the carton, lose the logo, add a bigger pic of an orange on the carton (maybe even spilling over to the 3 visible sides), and put the word PULP on it. you might want to fatten the carton up a bit to be at least as fat as the mug+handle is now.

    My opinion.

  9. I like both sets, however (at least on my monitor) the 32x32 of the carton icon looks like a house out of a board game.

    Don't get me wrong, I think they are both sweet, and much better than anything I can design, but wanted to let you know.


  10. The cup is nicer, it looks much better at lower sizes.

  11. In either icon, the pieces of paper are completely lost at the smaller sizes.

  12. I like the carton a bit better, though they are both pretty slick. I do miss the newspaper underneath the stack though. I thought it hinted at (what I think) the purpose of the app happens to be.

    I can't complain seriously about either of them. Very nice, really.

  13. I like the cup, but with the "Freshly squeezed software" logo on it instead of 100% pulp.

  14. Take the carton icon, move the papers in towards the carton more so that you can enlarge the carton to take up more of the space. Turn the carton more to the middle so both sides are showing around 55/45% and have the app's name on the larger side. Bring the camera angle down about 5-8 degrees as well to show more of the side.

    Now, reduce the amount of "noise" on each side of the carton (fading works great for this) so the attention is on the aspect of "orange juice box on papers." Bring the newspaper back OR have the papers be rendered web pages...

    Just my opinion. 😉

  15. They both look good! Carton or cup, depends what you are brewing.

  16. Definitely the carton. Stands out more. Has more character. You can "feel" it, if that makes sense.

    - Scott

  17. I like the carton idea better, and think you could make the actual icon better by enlarging the carton (perhaps overlapping the papers or scaling them down), and swapping the sides so that the main one says "100% Pulp" and the other, less visible side "Freshly Squeezed Software". They both look great, though!

  18. Both very nice icons. Maybe you cut the orange in half and stick the straw into it. Or deform the orange to look like a carton and stick the straw in that. I'd say lose the text unless it's big and simple.

    It's going to be an rss reader right?

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