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QotD: Age

Question: What's the toughest age?

My Answer: I'm watching Try Seventeen right now, so I'm tempted to say 17. However, I'm going to go with 21 or 22. You're new to the world, you're new to life, you're new to a new location, you're new to working for a living. You're born again, in a way.

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7 Responses to "QotD: Age"

  1. I'd say the Bronze Age.

  2. What you just said hits the nail on the head. I'm 22, I just moved over 1,000 miles from home. I don't really know anyone here. I've got to work for a living. It's hard ...

  3. 30. You've gotten past the realization that you were really dumb as a teen-ager/twenty-something and try to help the kids you see around you. However being kids they won't listen. It breaks your heart, you give up telling kids anything and learn to nod and smile just like the old foggies that used to preach to you when you were young.

  4. I would say 30 too. The moment you reach 30, you suddenly feel you are not at the peek of life anymore. You have a family to raise and the responsibility is great. And the worst part of it is physically, you don't feel as great as when you are in the teens or the 20's.

  5. The Toughest Age

    Erik Barzeski raises an interesting question in his blog NSLog(): Question: What's the toughest age?. His conclusion is 21-22. I think it'll be a safe bet that he's not much older then that. Same story for the people commenting that...

  6. The mid-life crisis that seems to hit most people around 35-40.

    If you're a tech, you're too old to hire. It seems everyone in the industry is 25 and they're threatened by hiring "their dad."

    In your twenties, you don't have the responsibilities you have in later life. Bills, mortgages, etc. In mid life, you can't afford to work for peanuts, like you could when you were 22.

    Who wants to date a 40 year old? I'm sure if you're filthy rich you could get shallow, gold digging dates no problem, but... no thanks.

  7. This is a depressing read. I'm 21... nearly 22, and reading down the comments just now really tarnished the silver under my clouds.

    I have seven months of college left until ... I don't know. It's kinda like death only I do know a few things for certain. ie... I get to take my debt with me!