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Adium 2.x

adium_icon.jpgAdium 2.0 (still in alpha stages, I guess) rocks. I moved to it the other day when Jeff pointed out that the dock icon badging in Adium 1.6 didn't work in Panther. It's a big part of the reason why I use Adium, so I made the move.

I'm glad I did!


Wowee. IMing Nerdvana! You can re-order tabs. Full log support (sans searching for now). All kinds of goodness… and well worth a look.

Update: It's no doubt that Adium rocks solely due to my 26 lines of code!

8 Responses to "Adium 2.x"

  1. I use iChat for AIM because I like the integration with & addressbook, and the iChat menu. For everything else I use Fire, but if iChat supported ICQ I would use only iChat and give up MSN since I know only about 2 people who use MSN only.

  2. That link to doesnt seem to be working. I'd love to give Adium 2 a try in it's current form. Do you know of a working link erik?

  3. Stevie,

    You need to build it yourself.. check it out from the cvs...

  4. Nah, they have builds available.

  5. ... but iChat AV (at least on panther) does support icq now ... still there's only fire and proteus for the yahoo connection i still need ...

  6. NSTextView retain count broken?

    Everyone seems to be proclaiming their contribution to the Adium 2 source code, so I may as well post mine.

  7. Adium 2 is based on gaim, which does have MSN Jabber and Yahoo! IM support. Adium 2.x will have it someday, along with some of iChat's "other" features, it'll hopefully make Proteus and Fire useless unless you want the Polish Gadu Gadu, or IRC or something. I much prefer Mice iRC and ShadowIRC for IRC though.

    Just my 2p of thoughts

  8. Adium 2 worked for about 2 minutes b4 crashing non-stop. Can't wait for Beta to come out!