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Fly Fishing

Last week I purchased a fly rod, some line, and whatnot. The down and dirty:

Flyrod: St. Croix Legend Ultra, 9', 8wt.
Reel: A Bass Pro Gold Cup III (it has a solid disc drag, and no link)
Backing: standard 20lb micro backing
Line: Cortland 444 Tropic Plus Lazer Line, rocket taper (weight-forward), 8wt., floating, sand coloring.
Tippet/leader: not yet purchased. I won't be tying my own, though.

I "fly fished" if you could call it that as a kid in the streams of PA with my dad. Heavy tree cover meant we mostly just flipped the fly out there, or occasionally roll cast it. It's damn exciting to work a fly towards yourself and see it disappear into the mouth of a fish. Fighting a fish on a flyrod is interesting, and some saltwater species get pretty darn big as it is! I bet the bass in Lake Ida will love some little poppers and things, too, and every fish is more fun on a fly than on a spinning outfit.

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