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QotD: ID3 Tags

Question: What percentage of your MP3s (or AACs, or whatever) have their metadata (album, artist, year, etc.) completed? Partially completed?

My Answer: 100%. Except for some album art I've yet to get, of course, because that involves the tedious process of using to get the images, selecting all the songs in that album, dragging the image over, and so on.

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8 Responses to "QotD: ID3 Tags"

  1. 100%. I'm extremely meticulous about this. I don't even listen to songs until they've passed the Great Rip Machinery.

  2. Most of mine have the title/artist/album tags since they are the only ones I look at. I think a few albums have Composer and Year, but that was the CDDB, not me.

    You can use Fetch Art to automatically download the album art for iTunes, but it won't work if you've upgraded Perl from the version that shipped with Jaguar (as I have).

  3. I'm at about 99%. I've got a small handful of things (weird demos of uncertain provenance, prerelease leaks, bootlegs, etc., some of it dating back over 5 years) whose accurate tagging has been difficult, but everything I get new instantly gets tagged before I listen to it.

  4. Virtually none of my files have 100% of the data entered. Fields like track #, year released, even genre get left to the wayside. If I happen to know it, I enter it. I do try to enter the track name, artist and album on everything possible. And I use scripts (that no longer work on Panther... waaaaa) to snag album art.

  5. Digital Music File Standard

    From nslog(): Question: What percentage of your MP3s (or AACs, or whatever) have their metadata (album, artist, year, etc.) completed?...

  6. I'm at "most". I still have a bunch of old misc mp3s that I haven't yet gone through and tagged and submitted, though I use to help me, instead of doing it all manually. This way, I benifit as well as anyone else using that system.

  7. haha. Hmm out of some <insert absurdly huge number> or so songs..only probably about 10-15k have complete tags. That means, albums, artist, song name, track number, disk number. Out of those probably 90% have year, and probably 90% have album art.

    I've slowly been going though and tagging them, but current estimate is probably at at least a month away from completeness

  8. Another 100%er here. Of course, it's easier when you're importing from your own CDs. After spending 16 evenings a year and a half ago ripping, everything since has gone straight into the computer with artist, album, genre and year. There's some capitalization issues here and there, but one can only be so anal.

    ... then there's the CD covers for all of them that got scanned in (amazon's lousy for quality/consistency/reliability). Have to love those Photoshop actions!