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Back when Jamie and I were dating, she told me that I was a bit of a metrosexual. I think she'd take that back if she saw my hands right now (cut up a little bit from fishing hooks, line, paddling 25 miles a week, etc.), my tan (a bit uneven, due to, y'know, clothing), my hair (needs a cut - no time for that when you can fish instead!). Yeah, that's me, a regular Grizzly Adams in the making. Ha!

Really, though, I'm just cleaning out the 50 or so web clippings that were cluttering my normally pristine desktop. Fall cleaning.

4 Responses to "Metrosexual"

  1. "Metrosexual" is stupid. The expression I mean. It isn't even a sexual orientation, hello?

  2. Yeah, that's totally gay.

  3. But are you putting some kind of european moisturizing lotion on your hands, and using some kind of chichi 5-product multi-stage regimen on your hair?

  4. Sometimes I don't bathe for about 36 hours, so, no.