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XCode Scripts

Some useful scripts for XCoders can be found by following this method courtesy of my friend Brad:

Copy the contents of /Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/ExampleScripts/ to ~/Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/. The startup item builds the User Scripts menu and then the scripts in the scripts folder get added.

If you want more info on scripting and the menu, the docs on it are here: Help -> Xcode help, select the tools group, click on Customizing Xcode, click on Using Scripts To Customize Xcode. That's where I ended up finding the info on how to enable the menu.

This creates a "User Scripts" menu in XCode with some very useful time-saving scripts.

One Response to "XCode Scripts"

  1. Xcode User Scripts

    Erik has passed on a very useful tip showing us how to turn on a User Scripts menu in Xcode that does all kinds of useful things. I highly recommend checking it out....