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Baitcasting for Sharks

I went to the local (well, 35 minutes away) Bass Pro super-store today to pick up some tippet and leader material for the flyrod and a cheap rod and reel for the sharks. I settled on an Abu Garcia 6500C4 (the reel) and some Bass Pro collapsing (only the butt section collapses a foot) 7'6" Heavy rod. I spooled it with 65-lb (16lb diameter) PowerPro, and I'll tip it with some 100lb leader material.

What's awesome about fishing for sharks from a kayak, I'm quite sure, is that there's very little reason for a shark to ever "spool" you (take out all of your line). I can "only" fit about 175 yards of PowerPro on that reel, but that should be okay. If the shark makes some runs, I'll thumb the reel and let it pull me around. My kayak floating on the water is its own drag, and it's got pretty good give!

I'm looking forward to getting out there and hitting up some sharks again. José and I are going to play on Lake Ida tomorrow, me with my flyrod, and so maybe next week I'll get after some sharks. Or the week after that, or… well, we'll see.

2 Responses to "Baitcasting for Sharks"

  1. Kayak FLY fishing for sharks??

    That's dope! We usually kayak fish for white sea bass out here in california, but i'm glad somebody else fishes from kayaks.

  2. No, not fly fishing for sharks. That's what I the cheap-o baitcaster is for. 🙂