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QotD: Hobby Income

Question: What percentage of your income goes towards your hobbies?

My Answer: I'd estimate that anywhere from 10 to 30% of my income goes to my hobbies. I'm a work hard, play hard kinda guy, and I've got hobbies ranging from kayak fishing to gaming, from rock climbing to movies and music. The other 70-90% I need for crap like rent and insurance. 🙂

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One Response to "QotD: Hobby Income"

  1. Hobbies? You have time for hobbies? Right now I would say less than 1% goes to hobbies, if you count boozing as a hobby. As a "downturn victim" my disposable income resembles money for oil changes, only I can't afford insurance so my wheels are off-line. So if I've got ten bucks left after bills & necessities, it goes to a six-pack. The last time I kayaked was in the '80's. Good on you for your recreational potential. And good for me for designating bandwidth as a necessity.