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The Matrix

I didn't even know that the Matrix 3 was out today. That almost nobody I know knew it either illustrates just how poorly the Matrix 2 was received. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that 3 is any better:

Just came from one of the first showings of Matrix: Revolutions (Germany, don't know why, but it started 2:30 pm here) and came by to drop some comments (no spoilers). To cut it short: not even close to the first one, and honestly spoken way worse than the second one (which wasn't _that_ bad). The ones looking for cool action will hardly find any, neither will the ones who came for the story (like me) be satisfied. Only a few good scenes in and around Zion, some quite big plot holes and unfinished threads and, most important, an unsatisfying end, to say the least. I guess I'll be flamed for my opinion by the die-hard-fans, but hear this: I once considered myself one too until I saw this.

10 Responses to "The Matrix"

  1. Are you really going to listen to some asshat's single paragraph review? A review will never answer the questions that the movie will. Go see it.

  2. I have yet to see a positive review. I've seen several negative. So, "some asshat's review"? No. "Every review I've read"? Yes.

  3. honestly, it was disenchanting. the discussions after part two were way more interesting and moved me more than "revolutions". at the end, it's a hollywood saviour story - no more & no less.

  4. I don't listen to singular reviews, but when it's universally recieved as, to put it mildly, a steaming pile of shite it doesn't exactly light a fire under my arse to go see it. Besides that, the trailers aren't exactly ringin' my bell either. Maybe when it gets to the $1 theatre...

  5. I never listen to what others have to say until after I actually go out and do it (or in this case, watch it) myself. Everyone is different and each person finds certain things enjoyable while others, well, do not. It goes for just about everything. I love programming, it's what I do on my free time. To most, that seems ridiculous but, to myself, it's more worthwhile than, say, watching television.

    Bottom line? Everyone is different, so why should you base your opinion on what other people have to say. Sure, it may end up being true, but isn't it worth finding out for yourself? Nothing else to lose.

  6. Nothing to lose? How about $10 and three hours of your life? C'mon, now…

  7. OK, I'll chime in. I saw it last night at a private screening. I would give it about the same review that Ebert did (sorry don't have the url handy). Basically its a 3 star movie. I liked it better then Reloaded but it doesn't come close to the original.

    What seems to have most people pissed off is that it doesn't live up to what they thought it was going to be. After the original, everyone expected a good sci-fi movie with philosophical themes running through it. That's not what Revolutions turned out to be. It's an action movie with some sci-fi elements. Similar in terms to a movie like Terminator 2. The bulk of the movie is an action held together by sci-fi threads. You just have to go into it expecting a solid action movie, not enlightenment.

  8. Brad got it dead-on. So many people tried to predict how the movie will go, and when Revolutions doesn't follow what they thought, they don't like it. If you've already seen the first two, go see this one. Better yet, go to the early matinee and get it cheaper. I liked it because I didn't expect anything other than to find out what happens to the Matrix and Neo.

    And yes, I did go see it: Stub

  9. First of all, I am a hardcore matrix fan, and I tried ways and means to get a ticket for the premier showing. First two movies, I remember I came out in awe. But the finale was a big dissapointment. The special effects and fight scenes look stale as they are almost a direct copy from the first two movies, but the most dissapointment of all is that many good question raised up in Reloaded was not answer in Revolution and it really left the audience wondering what the hell happen to this and to that? Well, should you watch it or not? My answer is if you are a great fan of the first two, you the saying goes, "everthing that has a beginning must have and end", but this ending sure leave us very unsatisfied.

  10. I finally had a chance to see this movie last night and I would have to say that it was entertaining and worth seeing. The secret, I think, to enjoying this trilogy is to understand that it is only a movie. It is suppose to be fun to watch, its supposed to make your heart flutter, but it shouldn't have to change the world. A lot of people were expecting to witness something amazing, something so philosophicaly earth-shattering that it should lay the foundation for movies to come.

    It's a straight-forward trilogy, the questions most people have been posing are the result of those spending too much time analyzing the movies. These questions are the consequence of taking certain parts of the movie too literally, and that is why I think the final installment in the trilogy sufficed. It supplied the answers to the big questions while allowing room for people to develop their own answers. It promotes thinking in most people and a lot don't want to spend the time to think about the end of a movie. We want to have everything given to us on a silver platter and when we don't get it we figure it wasn't worth it.

    Bottom line. See the movie if you want to know how the trilogy ends. It's exciting, full of action and although it doesn't innovate it certainly keeps eyes wide open.