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I Watch the Same TV As Steve

I watch the same TV shows as Steve. Namely, West Wing. I miss Sorkin. This season, though it's not tanking, is relying on cheap drama instead of the intense, thoughtful drama of the Sorkin days. Oh well.

2 Responses to "I Watch the Same TV As Steve"

  1. I had the same thought as I listened to the call. Gotta say that some of this season's episodes have been dreadful, while others have been merely disappointing. And merely-disappointing West Wing is still head and shoulders above most of the dreck out there.

    Bravo's reruns are sustaining me, though.

  2. Yes, thank goodness for Bravo! But I fear that my TiVo is about to fill up! I need to find some way to dump about 25 episodes of West Wing in the very near future!