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Paris Hilton?

So apparently Paris Hilton banged Shannen Doherty's former husband, and the tape, like Pamela's several, was "misplaced." And apparently my grasp of pop culture has declined so low that I'm only now hearing about this today? Of course, the amount that I care has also reached new lows.

Update: I'm not Paris Hilton. To the dummies in the comments who don't seem to realize that, please…

281 Responses to "Paris Hilton?"

  1. Don't feel bad. I didn't know who she even was until Friday, when a couple of guys at the office decided to ask the all-knowing IT department (I am the IT department) if it's possible to download movies. I said yes. They asked me to find the Paris Hilton for them, at which point I gave them a confused look and had the whole thing explained to me.

  2. I had heard of her a few times, but never knew what she looked like until this sex tape story surfaced. Why the hell is that spoiled brat famous anyway?

  3. Who? What?


  4. The reason for her fame is pretty obvious. Her last name is Hilton. Daddy owns a hotel or ninety.

    Paris is known as a wild girl with quite a rep. Dougherty's hubby's nickname in Hollywood is "scum."

    And while IT may not be engineering, tell them they can get their own coffee and download their own porn!

  5. I thought you were talking about the Hilton hotel in paris. I hate it when buildings bang people.


  6. Raja, I was in the same mindset. I was sure there was a word missing. 🙂

  7. You can download the Paris video via a link at the site, which is associated with

    It's weird, it's all night-vision green.

  8. Paris is the coolest, she is the WORLD! WE LOVE U!

    ALy and SAmi

  9. kind of sad that these silly children get more ink than the shit that bush and his buddies are pulling on the american public.

    then again, a lot of people would rather know about the hiltons than what their (s)elected leaders are doing.


  10. Dear Paris Hilton,

    Its obvious your beauty and wealth has many people jealous. But I must say I find you extrememly blessed. Iam looking forward in watching your show on Fox.

  11. Every month (since February) I post my site's referral search terms (not what people search for on my site). It's an interesting peek that illustrates...

  12. The Simple Life: Initial Thoughts

    Tonight I took time out of my too busy schedule to watch Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie's new Reality TV Show Premier, "The Simple Life" on Fox. A little history on the girls and the show in case you...

  13. This whole sex tape thing was blown out of porportion. Paris Hilton sucked on the Simple Life by herself, we didn't need any more.

  14. Publicity is all about being seen. Obviously Paris Hilton is able to get lots of attention with little effort. I get the impression though, that she has a caring, non selfish side of her. But as you know, caring and non selfish only draws limited media.

  15. What's done is the past and forget about it and move on! Paris is cool,people....! I LOVE HER CLOTHES!

  16. all i can say is, blow me again.

  17. you should have been more considred when you were gaving your email.i have writen this for you from iran.

  18. Why in the fuck did u anwser ur phone???

  19. this sex tape is really horrible! she has done nothing wrong with this and only had some fun like other people!why do other persons want to her to look like a fool? she's only a young girl who wants to live her life like all the other girls...

  20. how can you respect or like anyone who spends two thousand dollars on Chanel clothing for her dog??? Somebody pleeeeeeeeeease start a I hate Paris fan club.

  21. I am a 35 year old woman who enjoys watching Paris's escapades. I think you're all forgetting one thing--the woman is loaded--she doesn't NEED to work--yet she is a runway model and is paid for putting herself out there on her very famous reality show...My point? She COULD be just another party girl, but she's not. Not only does she often work, but she seems very nice and is only trying to have fun. I for one would have loved my parents to be rich so I could have experienced 1/2 of what she has in her short lifetime. Instead of being jealous and accusatory of her lifestyle, why don't you be happy for her---not one of you would turn down the chance to switch places with her in a heartbeat.

  22. even though you may be famous you might want to reconsider they way you show yourself off because personally your not all that you think you are and with the image you put out for yourself it seems that you are only a dumb blonde.

  23. I am 23 yo femaIe and comletely agree with Kelly that Paris is young talented woman and no matter how much jealous are people on her. I adore her!

  24. Paris Hilton Sex Tape Mocked

    Sunday, December 07, 2003Paris Hilton Sex Tape Mocked!!  This is a funny take on the Paris Hilton Sex VideoParis Hilton Sex Tape! Paris Hilton and pal Nicole Richie remain dense and unlikable down on the farm  The Seattle Times: Arts & En...

  25. Who's kidding who here? I'd jump on her because she is good looking and what's more, she can pay for the room, dinner, yadda-yadda-yadda. If I had her money, well, then I could afford higher principles. I don't get why she did it anyhow, guess life with that much money when you can afford anything and afford to do anything gets boring. Nice problem to have, still, just proves money doesn't buy class or brains.

  26. hey i want paris hiltons email address and nicole richie

  27. Hey y'all i think paris rocks! i need a picture of her so if ya find one or already have one PLEASE send it to! thanks!

  28. looking for Paris' e-mail address. been searching to try and find it, and who manages her. if you have her private e-mail or her managers e-mail please send it to me. best regards to all.

  29. omg people! - ur all calling paris a rich brat and all she is famous for is because ur 'daddy' owns a few hotels - Well i think your all just a little bit jealous of this gorgeous girl that i admire. The only reason that she's getting all this hate is cuz she dont have her own private life no one will give her a break - u've all done things uve regretted but its been kept between u and maybe others but not to the whole world - then others make it even worse and put lies in it! - paris hilton is a gorgeous girl - shes a rich girl but i have seen her simple life series and i can tell she is really funni and mischief with her buddy nicole richie which is funny to so just back her off and cut her some slack - shes an awesome girl! 😀 ide like to know her email addy just so i can talk to her

  30. i know she may just b a slutty little chick from LA but you have to admit shes kinda hot. I love her little dog tinkerbell and her bull dog max.

    the reason i look up to her is because when we sall her first simple life show we really liked her because her personality was like slutty i like her because shes a slut and thats my dream job i wanna b a whore. it really makes me think of what i can do with my life when i c her naked and hear about how she has sex with all those people. by the way im ten and i runaround the house naked. i hope paris hilton reades this because i wanna have sex with her. when i meet her im gonna lick her all over!!!!!! shes just so fuckin fuckable i cant wait till that day...when im done playin with my american girl and start playin wit her.fuck yeah!!!!! i would so tap that ass!!!!!!!!i am a ten yaer old little gilr and i cant wait till i meet my love i call the operator evey day to get her phone number and ppl hang up on me im fuckin sick of it i dont want retarts any more i want her no monkey man i want her!!!!!love ashley and allison 10 years old 🙂

  31. paris you are the best i am 11 and you are so inspiering to me you are the one who made me want to become a model

    you r the best

  32. o hi its casey again all u guys who r so jelous of her should back off ok i know how it feels to be intimidated because of being sooooooooooooo rich

  33. hello i need the e-mail adress from paris hilton it s very very important believe me its very important can anybody send it me.i´d be lucky then thank you

  34. hello paris please call me whwn you read this its very important 00491627426101

  35. i need the e-mail adress from paris too because i am from switzerland and i don't know what is the mark of the hat from paris in the "simple life".the baseball cap was red anc once again beige.please paris say me the mark of your nice cap

  36. paris please u r the best please email me i will do anything

  37. I agree with ashley and allisen she is sooooo hot do u guys really want 2 do that with her?

  38. Hy guys I'm from Austria and I think Paris Hilton is the sexiest woman alive I need her e-mail adress If somebody know it please send it to me.



  39. Hallo Paris! My Name is Tanja Frandsen From Sweden.You`re uncle is my aunts husband.. This is VERY important for me. Please write to me when you see this on my E-mail address.. You can also call me at +46737141750 . Thank you.. I will be VERY happy if you can help me to find my aunt Bibi Hilton. Thanks Love Tanja

  40. Dear Paris,

    I want to buy a new electrical guitar but I have not enough money. I am 15 years old and I am very poor. The guitar I want to buy costs 1300$.

    Sorry, my English is not so good.

    My address:


    Neubaustraße 22

    94315 Straubing

    Michael Zitzl

    It would be great when you could send me money for an new guitar.

    Thank you,


  41. hi i am paris most bigest fan!!!!!!!!!yeah my name is paris as well by the way yes and plz sent me an email u no coz i am like ur biggest fan in the whole intire world!!! o and im from australia!! i live in sydney.yes.

  42. Paris you are my role model and i wish i was as beautiful as you. I wish I could be just like you!!! I also I wish i had a great friend like nicole richie she also one of my role models. Yall are so0o beautiful and dont ever let any one put you down. You have such a great personality 2. PLEASE write back!!!

    Love Always,


  43. HEY!




  44. Paris, my name is Samantha Little from Vancouver BC, I am a big fan of your work and hope to meet and become you one day. I have been searching on the internet for the past three days for modelling opportunities but have not succeeded. Please, if you read this yourself E-mail be back.

  45. Hello......

    I love paris hilton and her clothes.....

    And all things as has whith her to do.... =D

    Are someone know her addres?

    or wher I can buy her clothes???

    /// Ida (from sweden)

  46. Hello im sebastian from germany and i will with paris in a cocktailbar

  47. hi paris my name is andrea and i am one of your hugest fans i really want to get an e-mail from you that would mean so much to me. you ar ao beautiful i wish i was as beautiful and as rich as you but im not i cant even afford to get me any scool clothes again for the third yea in a row. i was trying to save up but i only have fve dollars sav and my amountisnt getting any higher. ell im about the same size as you and i really love how you dress im going to 11th grade this year with no sneakers and onld sandals. i was also trying to save up for a gym mebership at lucille roberts so that i can stay in shape or i was going to save up for a lateral thigh trainer so i can work out at home. well at least you dont have to go through this you have everything you want and you dont want fo anything. well paris as you can see i really need your help i dont have much money and i need this i cant keep going to school in last years rags and the year before Paris can you pleasehelp me!!!!!!! 🙁 if you can just please e-mail and tell me at i swear i will get on hands and knees and pay you back for this

  48. hi may name is andrea and again i write here because i would love ta have the e-mail addresses of paris hilton and nicole richie. i wuld really love to write to them and let them know how much they have inspired me to become a teen model and an actress. i know that its great to start while youre young thats what i want to do. im trying really hard and i would love their e-mails and fanmails so when i take my pictures they can see them thanx love you paris hilton and nicole richie

  49. Hi Paris! Plz send your fanclub address! I really want it !! I have to write to you! If you don´t have one plz get one!!!! I´m so your biggest fan! I have over 100 pictures of you! me and my friends have a loy of pictures one famous artist and stuff like that and I have you as a role model and my biggest idol! My english is very bad but I hope you understand! e-mail me plz!!!

    Lots of love

    //Corinne ur Number 1 fan!

  50. yo par,

    u know who this is tell me yo num and address i got a surprize for ya'll ya feel me ayte peace

    see ya

    Tony Tone

  51. I just want to say that Paris is cool, everyone gives her shit but thats because most of you people dont have a clue. I come from a very wealthy family and get pretty much whatever i want and as long as i can remember people have always and will always be JEALOUS! thats human nature. Just because some gals can afford the fendi and gucci and drive around a MERC or BMW for their first car, it automatically becomes a point of attack for everyone around. So just because some of you are overweight and not as financially fortunate you really should pull the plug out of your arse and get over it!! 🙂

  52. hi paris! my name is Lindsay and i am 13. I know this is a little rude but I was waundering if you could buy a puppy for me. Now, this is more than anything in the world to me. I really need the money for it but it is 1,000 dollars. Will you help me out and have a heart. My family doesn't have that kind of money.

  53. Paris, it's me Lindsay. i didn't mean to be mean and i'm not trying to say ur made of money so please don't take this personally. thank you and god bless

  54. And also, everyone who is asking for money and hand outs from Paris Hilton... Oh my God, how pathetic! shes not a bloody charity! some people are so LAME!

  55. hellow mis.PARIS HILTON ,

    i just moved from sad diego CA to TUCSON is a big difrnce from san diego.the nice weather the im stuck in a desert.but, im writing this to you because i have a dream of becoming an ACTOR.even though im 13teen it wont crush my dream.the only reson to become an actor is to proove to people that i can what ever i in 8th grade now and i have been teased for years and pick on.i dont have any friends at all.that is another reson i want to be famous.i want to proove it to my self and others and one day go to those people and laough my littel hart out and say"YOU TEASED ME ALL THESE YEARS AND LAUGHT AT ME BUT LOOK HOW HAS THE LAST LAOUGHT NOW!!!!!"SO IM ASKING YOU TO PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY DREAM.and probley one day we can go shoping at DIOR,LOUIS VUITTON,AND GUCCI.and also i have butieful eyes they are HOT [IM NOT MAKING FUN OF YOU]and if you one day come to tucson AZ you can come to my school and hang out with me.or even we can go to LA i have 300$ just for you iv been saveing for 4 yaers long.and ill buy you somthing from dior if i can aford it.and if you come to my school that would be so cool or what you like to say so happy that your dog TINKERBELL got found , and if i even get famous ill get a toy chayawa and name it PEATER PAN.if you do come to tucson we can leave fast if you dont like the heat[but you have to tell me 15 days in advance to book your flight]

  56. what happened !!! AHHHHHHHH ! this cant be happening i need to be in this site. pleees

  57. Hello Paris.

    !!!WARNING...I am a special case...WARNING!!!

    First of all, My name Is Timo Kruuti from Finnland,im a boy and Im 18 years old. At the moment I live in The Netherlands already for five years, I�ve lived in quite a few countries In my life because of my dads position In the Finnish embassy, and he has worked In the embassy since I was born. Im attending a private American school In the Hague. This Is my senior year and after this year my family and i leave the Netherlands. You have been my Number one girl since I saw you the first time during my second year in A.S.H (American school of the Hague). There is no one more beautiful than you are in this whole world. There is no word for your beauty, And my love and respect towards you has never lowered down a single bit, because you are also a wild girl, who likes to party. Im also a wild boy, because i live in the Netherlands and i have learned some bad habits. Here in the Netherlands raves are a big thing and I�ve gotten into them. I love electronical music. Im a raver, some people call ravers "pillheads". Yes i take exstacy but only once every two months and "ONLY" in the techno raves. Exstacy is a bad drug i know, but life is about experimenting new things, but you can always go too far in that subject. But i know the limit and i always draw the line and i have never crossed that line. Exstacy tough has made my life much easier and it has made my relationship towards my parents much better. Last night i went to sleep at 6 pm (very unusual for me) i woke up at 12pm and then i went to sleep again straight away because of the dream I was having i woke up again in the morning at 8am and it was time to go to school. I was surprised that I�ve been sleeping for such a long time (never slept that long). Then i remembered what i was dreaming about, the dream was about you. In the dream it was me my dad my younger brother and you. It was not a sexual dream like I always had hoped to dream at some time in my life. No, it was something much more important. I have never had such a meaningless fantastic dream. Then straight away i knew, you are a much bigger part in me and in my life, than i ever had taught. You might think Im crazy but Im far from being crazy. Well all my friends call me crazy but they dont mean it in the real meaning as like being mental. Im a very nice funny boy, maybe little too hyper because of my A.D.H.D but that has made my personality even better. Of course i might be bad, evil and cruel in some things but i always have been myself and that is fair, honest and helping someone in need. I have been picked on when i was little, so now when I'm older i have showed respect towards the younger ones and helped them out, out of difficult situations. I would go completely crazy if you would know about me. If i would get a reply i wouldn't believe my eyes and i would probably go blind. And yeah by the way don't listen to any of the bullshit they say about you because of the sex tape. I don't care about the tape at all. I've seen the tape (you know i had to see it) The tape just shows how gorgeous your body is in its pure nakedness. OHHHH my god my fingers are dying, i wrote so much, HOLLY SHIT. This is one of the side effects of the A.D.H.D,,,, i never stop talking or writing. I would love to listen to your experiences with some things (private things I don�t need to know, they are all your private things and no one else needs to know about them) but if you need to know something or you have something to talk about or you just wana chat CRAZY with me. I would be more than happy to help you. And yeah if you want i can send you a picture of me.

    Sincerely: Timo Kruuti

    PS: I really hope you will get this letter some time, this means a lot to me. If i never get a reply from you I wish all the best for you and your little sister Nicki.

  58. well everone i met paris hilton.and i talk to her and she said she liked me and gave me a kiss. i was so nervis that i didn,t talk to her right so i,m trying to get a email addy? on her or give her my email.and if i send her the pic she will remember i live in new york too so i hope i bump into her again.

  59. ~* hey paris i am 1 of ur biggest fans i have sooooooo many pics of,ilove to watch simple life and i even have all ur pics cover the back off my door. i think ur realy preety and i love ur close (and of corse ur dog tinker bell) and about simple life i heard that u and nicole got in a fight if thats even true i think u guys... i mean girls should sort it out i mean u lokked like realy good friends and i thinks friends r very important in life and alot of people are fans of simple life and are waiting for the next series.and i also love the fact that u love animals so much it realy made me realy happy to see u save that bull on simple life by taking it home... what ever happened to him anyway? well i g2g so say hi to tinker bell for me and be friends with nicole because friends are everything, bye*~

    from your friend and fan ,jessica

  60. hey I have talked to Paris before online thourgh my instant messanger and she is a very sweet girl.Paris you are sooooooo cool!!!! hope to talk to you again.I am your #1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  61. hey paris

    this isHamed from Ottawa Ontario Canada i was in washington dc on the 20th when you were shooting an episode of simple life and my boiz and i were chosen to shoot it with you but i was just wondering if you were acually gona send us those pics we took so if u would be so kind and do so my address is 2115 Avebury dr ottawa ontario canada k4a 4g4 plz and thank you

    your new # 1 fans in canada

    we love you nikki and paris write back to me any time u want

  62. Hey Paris,

    I dont know if you actually read these things, but anyway my name is Shannon and i work at an automotive shop in Westminster, California called CTL Motorsports and we build all custom cars...

    We have built a pink SUT Hummer. The outside is painted a pink panther pink with stars and a lot of glitter. Also, we got the permission from matel to make it a Barbie Hummer, so the Barbie logo is sported on the outside of the doors and on the tailgate. The interior is pink suede with louis vitton pink cherry blossom leather inserts. we havent finished the sound system yet, but its going to be pretty hot, also there are going to be 15 TVs in it...

    so if you get this message you can contact me at




  63. paris i am getting older and disable. i had a little dog for 17 years and he died a few weeks ago. would you please

    send me a female tan teacup chihuahua puppy. i suffer from

    depression and a lot of other health problems and i need a

    puppy if you could do this i will sure thank you.

  64. Dear Paris,

    We know everything about you your b-day is 2/17/81 and even though your hair seems long its really short....ect.

    We are truely your biggest fans, we are kinda of obbsessive. Even though other people think they are your biggest fans the are just lieing because your hot but we are not. When people call you a skank or something in school we make them stop by the time we are done with them they also become fans..!!

    we love you

    love not too obbsessed

  65. To anyone who has the ability to E-mail this to Miss Paris Hilton: Why do you date those who use you? Why not make friends with those who want to know you simply as a friend? Nathan Sollomon Valadez


  67. hey name is slim,and i want you to know im madly in love with you,im not psycho,i just think your the sexiest thing alive,i watch everything that has to do with you in it,i was going to attend your book signing in nyc thats where i live,i didnt make it because i was sick,but i know if i ever meet you ill faint...i have big goals in life and i want to be a star just so i can just meet you once..i wont bore you i know your a busy person...i just want you to know how much i admire you..and your my favorite would even be cool if you could respond

  68. i love u paris u my and dont worry im a guy !!!

  69. please if u know paris hiltons email adress please please email it 2 me thanks..

  70. Hey I'm not like those other girls screaming out paris paris we luv u well face it paris ur going to be the same bitch u've always be ur sis is way cooler cause she keepes a low profile and oh yea every one i no thinks ur hooked nose is fugly

  71. paris is my world!!!

  72. helllo paris, can i talk with paris hilton here?

  73. hey paris it's me nash

    i live in vermont ya know were the mountains are and i have to say you are one of the most hot girls i've met, no probobly the most hot girl i have met and there as been a long list and tell you the truth i have had good luck with all of them. i am 13 and in 7th grade. now as far as i know you don't need anything done to you because you are just natureally beautiful. i mean i see you and personally i think your great no matter what other people say when im talking i mean what i am talking about and hope it means something. and i mean if you like nicole she got over weight dudes kissing her but so ive got to at least have a little chance that's all but i will try to get in touch with you even if it is stepping through body gaurds or anything.

    later,nash lancaster

  74. Oh my god. Paris.... you are soooooo amazing, you're sooo a sweet girl!!!!!

    Now, my question to everybody. Has anyone a real autograph adress from Paris Hilton? I mean a real autograph adress, so I get really an autograph from her??!!

    Please send the adress with an e-mail to me, pleeeeeaaaaaseeeeee!!!!!!!

    Thax sooo much!!!!!

  75. Hey Paris. I think you are the most beautiful person alive. You have the best clothes in the world!! I love all the Simple Lifes and I love reading your book!


  76. Paris is one of,if not the best looking,girl on the planet!!

    So stop saying shit about her!!!

    Ur all jealous!!!

    i dont want to hear any more bullshit about my future wife!!!hehehe

  77. hello paris .. my name is susan and im from sweden ! i just wonna say that ure my biggest idol ! I LOVE U MOST !

  78. what else can i say,they are just jealous because of your skill,potential and beauty, cos they dont have, it very easy for them to say whatever they like,cos they're jealous just dont mind what people say about you, the only thing that count is you being who you really wanna be, isn't modeling a job ........... just be urself that is what really matters,perhaps i am from africa and i really like your show on mtv and also your modeling contract with guess, i luv u and becareful cos i want you to be happy,compliment of the season.

    cheers baby.

  79. paris is like awsome ok alla yall haters need to get a life because she has money and lives it up alla yall are bitchin because she has wat yall want k so ya know ive met her and shes really sweet so ne1 that has a problem with her needs to get a life because shes wealthy doesnt mean she cant party so ya know get ova yourself you F**k*n haters kk x333

    Hannah im me if you got sommem to say hannahleigh4121

    kk well lave ya x33

  80. I'm trying to locate the Barbie Hummer that was built in Westminster, CA. Does anyone have info on it? Thanks,


  81. Hey Paris Hilton

    we are 2 girls from Norway, ho loves you very much!You are so cool....we love you more then every body ells!!!!(in the world!!) If somebody have Paris Hilton fan-adress, so please mail it to uss!!

    We love that porsen...ho give the mail to uss..hehe;)


  82. hi i want paris hilton email i want to talk to her so bad.

    so can some one tell me it? her is a link to my web site i would mean a lot to me!



  83. Paris

    I have a new chihuahuas for you! From Texas



    Omigosh! I found Paris Hilton's e-mail address! It's!!!!!!!!!! AHHH! Omigosh! I am SO excited! she is totally my role model! She said that she answers questions, and cybers with the guys and bi girls (EWW!) and even sends pics! 🙂 You can e-mail her if you want! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I'm the luckiest girl on earth!

  85. dear paris when i am 18 im goin to la and i am gonna come meet dad has has a huge farm in south africa and i would like u to do simple life larger then life on our farm because i am your bigest fan ever .

  86. OMG! i need paris's address. i've been looking for it like forever and um who ever has it please e-mail it to thanks so much. i think paris is the best!!!

  87. I wonder what I would do if I were as rich as Paris.

    A young person, a lot of money, a lot of 'friends' who are with me or better with my money ..., a lot of persons who are watching my moves ...

    No, this wouldn't be a life for me.

    And to all people who are sticking their fingers in other people's things ... shame on you, clean your brain and begin to live on your own.

    I wish you all best


    PS: Sorry for my lousy English but I think you understand what I mean ...

  88. Hey, I thought i'd let you know that SHOPPAHOLIC26@YAHOO.COM isnt paris' email cause I actually have her email, cell number, address etc so yeah.

  89. Hi, This is Paris Hilton. I don't know why I'm taking time from my busy life to post here...oh, now I know why ( te-he) It's to tell all you fucking loosers to shut the fuck up. I'm a millionaries and don't associate with lowlife scum of this world. You don't know me and god willing you never will. Leave me alone but don't stop seeing my movies and buying all of my expensive crap. You are all total LOSERS!!!

    Love Paris

  90. aaaaalrighty paris, I happen to actually be a friend of yours...strangly enough, I came across this craphole looking at what people are thinking your cell is! Hmmmm, I wonder why you would be posting here...could it be because, as through your attempt to defend the actual Paris, you made yourself look like an ASS! Im sorry my english isnt so well, but you gotta know that you all just need to lay off her!

  91. I just stumbled across this page, and I must say... I am fascinated by how many of you are comfortable wasting your lives TALKING about Paris Hilton, regardless of whether you like her or not. I just thinks it's really funny.

    I have nothing against her. She may not be the brightest, most talented... whatever is is that she IS (she's doing so many different things these days I don't know if I can really categorize her), but she's certainly not an evil 'whore'. I don't think many people are. I think people LIKE to hate her because it's the "fashionable" thing to do. Talk about conforming to something shallow!

    But everytime I say that... a bunch of emo/punk rockers and overweight unnattractive women start yelling at me, screaming that they really DO hate her. That their distain is genuine. I wonder why it's only them...

    I just wish I could say to them, "Look! You don't have to like her. You really don't. But whining and bitching about it ALL THE TIME gets so irritating for the rest of us to keep on listening to. It's almost more irritating than the way Hollywood is mass-producing all of their young 'stars'. But no... you guys LOVE to talk about Paris! It's always Paris this! Paris that!

    And for goodness sake! Forget about the sex tape, please. That's old news. It's boring now.

    1)You've either seen it and liked it

    2)Seen it and then accused her of being a whore (uumm.... you WATCHED her, didn't you)

    3) Or worst of all NOT seen it and still called her a whore.

    This is fine if you've never seen porn before, but because most males have, I don't know where they get off talking badly about her. Aren't they just as 'perverted' and 'slutty' for having watched it, and beat off to it? I don't get it. It's wrong to DO porn (IF you're a woman) but if society took it all away, we all know there would be massive complaints.

    American people LOVE porn. They are obsessed with sex, lust, bodies, nudity, desire, etc. It's OK to watch it all and masturbate to it, and fantasize about having sex with these 'stupid whores', but it's the most unforgiveable sin ever to be one of them??

    Why would you ever beat off to 'stupid whore porn' if you never wanted to associate with women of this nature. Oh yeah... it's because most men are fine with hating women, as long as they'll 'put out'. Ridiculous.

    If you hate her... stop talking about her. It's simple when you think about it. So please think.

  92. I'm with Drew - GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!!

  93. Paris is my idol i love her more then all of u!!!!

  94. I love PARIS HILTON she is so Hot! i wanna tip her upside down and blow her like a french horn!!!

  95. hey my name is jonny and i love paris hilton girls if ya wanna talk my email address is

  96. What a waste! She is a freak and all you that ah her are just crazy!

    Read about who she really is and I think most will understand she is not worth your energy...

  97. u r all losers nonoe of u guys r gonna get her and shes to stuck up her own arse to care about any of u people so just drop it

  98. I have nothing against her. I think she's entertaining in a sort of comic book character sort of way. She's likeable in my opinion. She may not be the brightest, most talented... whatever is is that she IS (she's doing so many different things these days I don't know if I can really categorize her), but she's certainly not an evil 'whore'. I don't think many people are. I think people LIKE to hate her because it's the "fashionable" thing to do. Talk about conforming to something shallow!

    But everytime I say that... a bunch of emo/punk rockers and overweight unnattractive women start yelling at me, screaming that they really DO hate her. That their distain is genuine. I wonder why it's only them...

    I just wish I could say to them, "Look! You don't have to like her. You really don't. But whining and bitching about it ALL THE TIME gets so irritating for the rest of us to keep on listening to. It's almost more irritating than the way Hollywood is mass-producing all of their young 'stars'. But no... you guys LOVE to talk about Paris! It's always Paris this! Paris that!

    And for goodness sake! Forget about the sex tape, please. That's old news. It's boring now.

    1)You've either seen it and liked it

    2)Seen it and then accused her of being a whore (uumm.... you WATCHED her, didn't you)

    3) Or worst of all NOT seen it and still called her a whore.

    This is fine if you've never seen porn before, but because most males have, I don't know where they get off talking badly about her. Aren't they just as 'perverted' and 'slutty' for having watched it, and beat off to it? I don't get it. It's wrong to DO porn (IF you're a woman) but if society took it all away, we all know there would be massive complaints.

    American people LOVE porn. They are obsessed with sex, lust, bodies, nudity, desire, etc. It's OK to watch it all and masturbate to it, and fantasize about having sex with these 'stupid whores', but it's the most unforgiveable sin ever to be one of them??

    Why would you ever beat off to 'stupid whore porn' if you never wanted to associate with women of this nature. Oh yeah... it's because most men are fine with hating women, as long as they'll 'put out'. Ridiculous.

    If you hate her... stop talking about her. It's simple when you think about it. So please think.

  99. hey ya'll paris fans!

    i'm 14(guy) but i'm really good friends with nikki.

    i went to couple parties w/ them.

    club paris is sooo cool! go! now

  100. Hey! This is Paris. I just want to say that I adore all of my supporters, and to all of the haters.... quit being so jealous. My e-mail is I'll only talk to you or send you a letter or an e-mail or my phone number if you send me your picture so that I know that you aren't some creep. And to everyone who likes Tinkerbell too: That's hott! She is a cutie, and you can e-mail me and ask me to send pictures of her if you want. Love you all, (boys and girls!)

    Miss Hilton

    P.S. If you are between the ages of 8-14, I'll definetely send you a picture!

  101. Hey Paris!!! I REALLY love your show, its totally hott...i think you are an amazing woman with sooo much potential. I believe that someday everyone is going to realize how unique and fun-loving you are, and not judge you from the stupid rurmors they hear. My friends and i all love you so much and all have your pics all over our are truly an amazing person, and an awesome role model to girls everywhere! Thanks so much for inspiring me to be myself, and learn to live life the to the fullest!! Luv ya girl!

    Love Always,

    Pittsburgh, PA

  102. hello, paris does not come on here. stop asking her to give you money and things. if you dont have money for something or jus wanna scam on the only good looking person you have ever seen - dont. even if she did read this, she gets enough crap as it is. she doesnt need people trying to take her money. person who asked for the guitar: if you are so poor why do you have the internet? get over your silly eleventeen year old obsessions because if you are such a big fan, dont waste valuable megs of net space. i was jus lookin for some info on the news about her fone numbers going on the net. but i end up with this crap. you sad people! i bid you good day... night.


  103. by the way, miss antisocial agen. if you are true obsessed eleventeen year olds bombard her with crazy obsessive letters. dont tell the world. it doesnt care.


  104. jeeez u people are fucking DUMB!!!! why are u writing to paris for.. its not like she uses the net or anything shes too busy travelling and shit...

    oh by the way i like the fact how they put up a fake paris

    LMAO!!! that killed me .. u no wat if it realllly is paris hilton send me an email and i'll take back EVERRYTHING or better yet get on a webcam for me and if it is really paris hilton then i guess i gota take back everything...

  105. yeah i wanna fuck you paris and is you really wanna talk to me pm me on yahoo messenger at c0nfederate_playb0y and we can fuck and i can be your fuck slave lmao i agree with craz

  106. what the hell? paris hilton is my IDOL--i LOVE her, if i was a lesbian (which i am not) i would def wanna marry her...

    i sent her an email yesterday, i dont know if she is going to write me back. By the way, i got the phone numbers to Pauly Shore, and that SEXY guy Steven from Laguna Beach!! Anybody want the numbers??

    *Mandy Candy*

  107. i just want to say that i think that paris hilton is not a spoiled rich grl that many of u think she is, shes been making her own money sense she was 19 and doesnt ever ask her parents for money or anything. On the simple life she plays a character, not herself she says and i quate "i do whatever i think will get a laugh on the simple life. Im not really me on the show". So all of ur haters fuck off! *paris hilton is 2 kool* im ur 1 one fan

    - annn gottheimer

  108. Hey!!

    Paris hilton is the MOST hottest and sexiest women I have ever seen!It's kinda like I am upsesed with her.I cant imagine people hate her or are jealous of her.Its not her problem and its not her fault for being born so pretty hot and sexy.I love her soooooooo much!If I got a chance to see her it will be a real big surprise for me.I am so freakin mad at Nick for doing that to paris.He has hit her so much he left her with bruises!!!Any way PLEASE if any one knows paris hilton's email PLEASE email me back!!!I will be avalible anytime!

    ~Love ya PARIS~**Janette

  109. hey sorry it's me again.I am a 13 year old girl who loves paris!

    please please if anyone knows her email please email me back!I just love her! srry

  110. leave paris alone, she is sooooooooo pretty, smart, talented and she has FAB clothes, all u guys are just jeloues of her. im a 14 year old girl and i wanna c more of paris and the simple life rulz! paris has helped make me less shy and funnier as my personality grows everyday. she is an inspiration when it comes 2 catchphrases like "thats hot". her clothing style is sooooo AMAZING. one day i wanna meet paris. I no 1 single post off a site ive neva heard of b4 can change the whole worlds view on paris. i guess u either love her or hate her.

    i love paris!!!

  111. Okay, so all of you are all obsessed over Paris..because she is rich, good looking and ditzy (no pun intened)But theres so many other people out there that are the same as her and dont have all the what is the big deal?

  112. is NOT paris hilton's email address and this is already being taken care of.

  113. Wow you actually think Paris is reading this and emailing all you people. Ok then, Ahsley and Allison, you are NOT ten year old girls, you're fakers. Anyways, what is Paris' email. I really love her boots and sunglasses she wears they're sexy. And her pants are cool. Hmm so are her shirts. Whatever, I need her email. Thanks gorgeous.

  114. Hello

    Paris if you ever need some designer pet accessories like Bling collars ,Leads ,Coats and much more visit our website

  115. Wow some of you are really sad people... why would anyone ask someone whom they've never met or even talked to to buy something for them? I know i'm pretty much saying what alot of people already said but yeah this is my opinion if you want something think of a way to get it not by handouts... use your head... get a job.... mow laws.... whatever... if your not happy with where you are financally change it... even if your not old enough to work... i'm sure your parents have chores or whatever... ask them if you do more in the house if you could be payed more.... okay i'm done with that. I'm a great fan of paris hilton. She's my idol. i know alot of people say that but seriously i am... and i know alot of people say that too lol but oh well. this is my dream... i want to shadow her... for like a week. kind of like a paris hilton intern lol. now i'm just getting silly but i'm sure you all get the point.

  116. Crazi: Paris is NOT too busy to go online. Shes online often, when shes getting ready for the runway. So unless you know the facts. And just to let all you people who are like Oh Paris is my idol! Well shes gorgeous rich and lucky, but she shouldnt be ur idol, she doesnt do ANYTHING! Shes basically famous for being famous. Yeah ok bye.

  117. hey that is not real you can scrool up above that first (paris hilton faker letter)and youll see the name ashlie lovett put your mouse on her name and its will be the same as paris hilton fake email.

    your very much welcome


  118. iam from kwait my name is mona ilove you so much iam 21 am a girl I see you in simple live programs you are so cute and in sider and i see you in oprah and parfum spray ifeel you will read my massege

  119. You know I love Paris. She is so hot. All you people find the most stupid reasons to say she's ugly. Oh her feete are big or she's flat. I don't care what you say I'm Paris's number one fan.

    I LOVE YOU PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. I think some of you girls are just jealous because shes beautiful , rich, and famous!

  121. Hey everybody, I just hope you all know that Paris is never going to be reading any of this, sorry, so you can say all you want about your little "trying" to become a model and actress stories but hunnay she aint going to help you on that one, trust me I'm a model and i had to accoplish this all be myself aswell as my acting career oh yeah!...I just got a new part in this new film coming out called, Never been Closer, where i play Paris' younger sister (since we have similar looks), coming out next summer of 2006 (don't miss it!) so if I ever happen to get her "fan" e-mail address i'll "try" and post it. Lovz iT, Taylor Valentino

  122. hey bitches

    this is paris. all your messages are cute. thanks for supporting me. i ran across this site and im actually online a lot. well not to much but you get the idea. anyway i've never written anything here. and sorry guys but im not handing out my email. maybe one day i'll make a fan email. ahha well anyway i gotta go today is my gorgeous friend lindsay's birthday. so stay sexy.

    god bless, paris

    p.s im not going to buy anyone bikes or puppies, lol. that's just crazy.

  123. hello,

    your so pretty.i wont to be you.evey body likes you.i have no friends.i wish you can come and see me.i would love to spend a day with you to get to now you wont to be my jelous that you pretty,you have the look that people wont,your rich,and famous at the same time.

  124. PEOPLE the woman is loaded, yet instead of giving some of her money to 3rd world country who are losing children everyday to starvation, she buys her dog another $1000 outfit IT DOESN'T NEED. ITS A DOG FOR FUCK SAKE. And as for these 11 year old kids coming on here saying 'She's my role model I luv her sooo much' What the fuck? Oh yeah great role model she is.. HEY little pre-teens why don't you go make a sex tape like your idol! Infact why don't just fcuk some random guy on the street who probaly has aids and ruin your life! I wish I could be as blissfully dumb as her and make millions of dollars for nothing... huh, on second thought... I'll stick to being genuine, and not a self-centered bitch. Call me jealous, I don't give a fuck. But at least I have a strong grip on reality, unlike most of these ppl here.

  125. paris hilton is the most prettiest girl in the world my life long dream is to talk to her my life revolves around her and only her and shopping i love you paris you are my heroe.

  126. Hi Paris!:)

    My name is Gloria, I'm 12 years old, but not for long.:) My birthday is 11.10. I live in Estonia, maybe you know where is it, maybe not. It's a very small country. I have very much pictures of you.
    My mother always ask:"Why You like Paris so much?" but i can't explain it. I think, that you're beauty, always happy, you're smart. Perfect woman! You look very great, when You smile!:) I love Your style! All Your things in, ohhh, i love it! You are good singer! I listen Your sing Screwed all the time!:) I just want nto be you(A).
    People say, that i'm look like you, and my classmates say, that i'm a Little-Paris. I don't know how much it's true, and how much it isn't, but it's fun.:) You're good actress also. I can't speak English very much, so i don't write much, but You can make me happy, if You read it and maybe answer.(A)I have some questions:
    What's your favourite:


    That's all!:)

    Whit love, Gloria!

  127. i think paris is so cool
    i want to make porn videos like she does
    how did u get ur selfstarted and at wot age did u start.
    i think paris is so beautiful
    and wen i am older i want to look like her.
    paris i love you i would do any think 4 u/ meet u!
    hope fully i will c u soon, but if not well nice cin u on t.v.
    ur da bst paris i love watchin ur simple life, nicole is a bitch and i could replace her with out tellin your secrets.
    luv jay

  128. Dear Paris,

    Why are you all saying bad things to Paris?? She is probably a nice,sweet girl if you met her but you guys are judging her by what she does and how she looks and thats not right thats just plain mean and i wanna say that I wanna meet Paris one day and i hope I do b/c Paris is my favourite celeberty in the UNIVERSE I AM HER NUMBER 1 FAN AND ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY ARE HER BIGGEST FANS ........WATCH YOUR BACK! Just kidding but i am her biggest fan!

  129. If you dont like her dont slag her off! At the end of the day she is still a person and she still has feeling ! I lov her she is my idol & cant stand people putting her down ! She is beautiful , rich and can also sing! I would do anythiong if it ment i could meet her ! I just want her to know ot she means to me! Tinkabell is great I have a dog just like her !!! Paris i really do love u !! Sooo wis i culd meet you !!!

  130. Dear lulu, I hate u b!tch!!!! Y would ne1 want 2 start a "I hate Paris Hilton fan club" what people really should start is a "I hate lulu non-fan club"!!!

    Dear Paris, Luv Ya. U r the best I want 2 meet u so bad!!!

    Luv Ya Paris!, Thats Hot

    Oh ya people think Paris's only saying is Thats Hot, well her other saying is Luvz it!!! God u people dont even know her u cant say that if u dont know her.

  131. hi,i think paris has her own sexy style, i think most of the guys around the world is mad about her... and im one of them. i think i would go crazy if i get a simple kiss from her. imagine i get to have a drink with her or a date... in my dreams im to simplel for her taste. but still she is the sexyest woman for me and when she had her hair brown.....i had to hang that picture. if some one has her email can you send it or if paris reads this i would like to hear form you... thanks

  132. hey
    i luv paris shes da best shes been my fashon icon and idol since she became a star shes so fun and cute. I would luv u to come to australia, i have ur books and read them and i read that australia's is one of ur fav countries to travel 2!!! and its so kool being girlie and one of ur best fashion quotes is "never dress boring" i wish i could meet you one day and i absolutely luv ur new song screwed its da bomb lol!
    i think so many people read wats in magazines and beleive it but i think all the bad things about you is so not true i think lifes to short so start partying!! lol
    if anyones has her email or if paris u read this is would mean alot to me becuz not alot of a list celebrities come to australia
    luv ya lotz
    jennifer xoxox
    ps Thats HOT!!

  133. Erik's site's demographics: Uber-nerd-developers and 12 year old girls. Hm.

  134. hi paris

    me and all my friends think your the hottest person ever.

    i know you were at the top of the most hated list but i still luv ya

  135. **** that nasty whore. All she does is get in red carpets for free cus of her dumbass rich parents. How can you idolize this fake slut. Shes only done cameos in videos and movies and her last movie, people she died in it. By the way calling your fans "bitches" isn't a good example of a role model. That stupid trust fund bitch should get her ass kicked to the curb.


  137. She looks so much better with her natual short bob, with it long she looks hard....this short cut is best for her face....and what a beautiful face! I think these kids are lying to get their 5 min. of fame, as for Paris, her 5 min. will never be up!

  138. paris hilton is the fucking hottest and greatest person ever so dont call her a whore or anything else u fucking dykes and maybe she is loaded.but most people love her and has anyone got her email address or phone number or anything thanks. LOVE U PARIS and always will.


  139. i know paris hiltons email and she is famos cuzz she was a motel and she has very rich father and she dous movies paris hilton dous not look at diss stuff ppl right to her and i wish she could but she is to busy!!!

  140. LOL! Are you guys idiots or what?? Paris aint ganna read this! She's not going to call/email you! Give it up! If you love or hate her get off this site, get a life! I only came on accidently, but found myself reading all the shit! If you hate her gosh leave her alone, get a life man. And if you love her, then your an idiot. She's just a human everyone else...

  141. she a fucking fake bitch she looks like an orange with all the fake tan which she puts on

  142. I think paris hilton is such a slag she wasn't even any good in that porno anyone can be way better than her its just coz she's a celebrity people thinks she's good in bed do you know what i say to that WHATEVER! sh'e shit in bed and i don't know how anyone can be attracted to that amereican slag bye bye for now X

  143. by the way andrew you really need to find a proper girlfriend and not those imaginary one's you've got you saddo thinking paris is hot she's as hot as my little toe on a frosty day so go and wither up im the hottest in the world and so is my boyfriend were the hottest couple going paris is a DOG go DIE paris you non-good in bed whore

    luv row and rob says PARMO's ROCK from the teeside crew. X

  144. she is a bitch and looks like shit and puts to much fake tan on and makes herself look like and ornage because she looks like one
    she is a spoilt brat

  145. i think paris is such a dog so if you write on this website saying how nice she is and innocent go and get a fucking life you fucking losers shes not even worth calling a slag she has got no experiance in the bedroom at all

  146. Dear Paris Hilton,

    My name is Kierstyn and i live in a gay little town Miamisburg, OH. I think that i am one of your biggest fans, i would die to meet you. Also i think that you are really funny and pretty. You are so lucky to be famous. I wish that you were my big sister

  147. dear paris,
    i think you are so nice and your actions shouldn't give you a bad are also so funny.i think that you should tell nicole richi that she should act the same even though she thinks she is a star because even though i watch every one of the simple lifes and the new one til death do us part which is still good i still miss you and nicole being together.but i dont mind if you still dont like her becuuse i now whats its like when your best friend changes and doesn't care about you have a really cool family, and i like how you and your sister are really close because me and my sister aren't.and i am also afraid to talk to my mom sometimes like i feel like i let her down.i also hope that everything you do will be a success.and i really look up to you because i know that you have a much harder life than mine because you have to deal with freaks who tape you while your having sex or always getting emberresing photos on magazines,tv, and online.i love like a sister and i hope that you have a great life.
    your friend.

  148. here is paris hiltons mobil phone and email. do not be suprised if she does not answer back. now stop asking for it.

    Paris Hilton

  149. Hi,
    I have read alittle about paris hilton.I know that you just spend money unconsciously,whereas, other children are just straving.Here i'd like to take the apportunity to ask for help .We are an association and we need 4 ambulances.
    I wish you take this in consideration.
    please reply soon.

  150. Okay. Paris is not a charity and will PROBABLY NOT even visit this site AT ALL! So just get a grip and close this window because she's NOT gonna come here! And who knows if this "Paris Hilton" person who posted isn't a low-life imposter? So just don't waste your strength typing stuff that won't even get read. So just lay off, she's not gonna buy anything for you. Neither is she gonna hand out her email, nor is she gonna
    call you. But you can still hope that. Who knows? Its just that you'll hope till you're like, 92. So just GIVE IT UP. I'm 11 and I know better.

  151. i am paris hiltons bests fan i love her shows the simple life steve from victorville ca i really like a pic of her could you let me know ......from steve

  152. here is paris hiltons mobil phone and email. do not be suprised if she does not answer back. now stop asking for it.

    Paris Hilton



  154. paris my email is i would love to hear from you.if your not Paris dont even go there.thanks


  155. hi,
    paris my name is lianelys i 13 years old and i want be an actress but i need some help from you because i don't know how enter there please paris please i need your help write me back to this email i need you help me this is my dream and i want become tru i live in miami and i see you show the simple life.
    i just want some help from you.
    thank you

  156. Paris,

    Me and a friend are having a joined sweet 16 party in october 2007 and you are both of our favorite heiress and singer and famous person in general. Your our role model. and we REALLY wanted to see if you could come to our party. i know thats alot to ask. Theres about 200 people coming right now and its sure to be SO much fun! im excited

    email me back = )

  157. HI my name is Brittney Lynn Johnson,i am 13years old and i live in Hamilton Ohio Butler county.{my emil adderess is}.Paris i was just wondering what realy happened between you and Nicole Richie.Paris you are my idol and i wish i where you.Paris you are the best actrice,modle,singer,auther,and designer.I also think you are the prettyest girl in the world.Since you have now became a singer and you will be having concerts and all,i wish you could come down here{Hamilton Ohio Butler county}and have a concert.I dont understand why people always talk about you badly{i think its because they are just jelous of you}.I'm not jelous of you,because your my {IDOL}.I think that you and Nicole should be friends again because you are my#1 idol and Nicole Richie is my#2 idol.Its hard to know that my favorite celeberties could be in a cat fight.I have saw everyone of the Simple Life shows,weather its the intern one's,the old one's,all the way to the new one's there are today.Well i'll write you back soon bye.LUV U

  158. Paris is alright eh, yet half the people i read above are borderline delusional. sad that she gets bitten by that strange named exotic animal, and it hits front pages without remorse, worse than people getting pillaged and plundered around. she lives a fruitful life compared to most, and maybe i'd want her if her mind met with mine right. other than that, she's portrayed as a bizo, which is disturbing. i guess i'd classify her as misunderstood. seriously, her life revolves around greater things than this garbage . . unless she loves it, and then, easy to say, she markets herself better than marilyn manson. i'm out with the irish carbomb . . .

  159. hello paris hilton.
    i like you so much and i really pity about you with your are women specially and i like your song.
    i never see you but i like to see you form T.V and internet.
    i hope everything will be ok for you.
    i love you you are superstar.

  160. Hi. Paris my name is Karlily I watch your show Simple Life it is realy like the show.Why are you and Nicole arent friends?How many dogs do you have?Ithink you are pretty.Do you realy swaer or is it an act?How many front cover magazines have youve been on?

  161. 🙂

  162. paris i hear something when u have a friend - model from baltic states - latvia 🙂 and u come hear to visit latvia with your frend from latvia - if u need some things thear write 😀
    sorry 4 mistakes 🙂

  163. To all the people who said Paris is a role model for girls across the world, is a rich b*tch who makes porno films really a role model for young girls? I don't think so, personally. And to be honest, she isn't good-looking, she's got a scary jaw, bug-eyes and fake Barbie-doll extensions and orange tan. I am not jealous of Paris Hilton. Of course I'd like to be that rich, who wouldnt?! But I'd rather live my own life, than have to be like her. I'm not so insecure to be jealous of her fame and 'looks'. I'm happy with who I am, but I fail to recognise any talent in her. She's a terrible actress, IMO, and most people only went to see House Of Wax because Paris died in it! Her singing voice is so weak and fake, it's just all digitally enhanced and injected with effects to make it sound special... but it so isn't! She doesn't write her own songs, her voice is so weak, what talent does she possess, really? That's just how I feel about her. She was born with a freaking silver spoon in her mouth, her daddy buys everything for her, and if her family wasn't so filthy rich she'd just be another wannabe. Plus she's racist! She's not a nice person. She's stupid too. I'm sorry, but that is exactly how I see her. How can she say she works hard? Everything is laid out for her. Seriously, she's disgusting! She b*tches about people, she's so annoying, I just plain don't like her at all!


  164. To all the people who said Paris is a role model for girls across the world: is a rich b*tch who makes porno films and makes racist comments really a role model for young girls? I don't think so, personally. And to be honest, she isn't good-looking in the least, she's got a scary jaw, bug-eyes and fake Barbie-doll extensions and orange tan. I am not jealous of Paris Hilton. Of course I'd like to be that rich, who wouldnt?! But I'd rather live my own life, than have to be like her. I'm not so insecure to be jealous of her fame and 'looks'. I'm happy with who I am, but I fail to recognise any talent in her. She's a terrible actress, IMO, and most people only went to see House Of Wax because Paris died in it! Her singing voice is so weak and fake, it's just all digitally enhanced and injected with effects to make it sound special... but it so isn't! She doesn't write her own songs, her voice is so weak, what talent does she possess, really? That's just how I feel about her. She was born with a freaking silver spoon in her mouth, her daddy buys everything for her, and if her family wasn't so filthy rich she'd just be another wannabe. Plus she's racist! She's not a nice person. She's stupid too. I'm sorry, but that is exactly how I see her. How can she say she works hard when everything is laid out for her and all she has to do is dress slutty to gain press attention and go to parties all the time? So any little girl fans who reply to this, I'm not jealous of your precious role model, so don't start saying 'OMGGZ ANY1 HU DNT LYK PARIS IS LYK SOOO JELOUSE OMG!! SHEZ SOO PRITY AND COOL AND RELY TALINTD!!!! OMG LUV U PARISSSS!!' And she won't read this, so anyone who asks for money etc. on here is quite honestly deluded. Also, to the wanker who asked her for a date... WHAT?? Are you obsessed with her? As if she would decide to email you and go out with some random stalker nobody! God, I laughed SO f*cking hard when I read that comment! Get real! She'll never be that desperate, even if she is annoying. Anyway, seriously, she's disgusting! She b*tches about people, she's so annoying, I just plain don't like her at all!

    Lots of love!

  165. To all the kids and other people who should know better, why on EARTH do you think a rich, stuck-up, famous bitch like Paris Hilton would want to talk to you, some random obsessive nobody!? Oh my god! 'Someone give me her email cos I SOOOO wana talk 2 her shes my idol!!!' What she want to have to do with you? She would just have your email address blocked and besides, don't you think it's just a little bit invasive of her private life, bombarding her with stalkerish emails?? I dislike her, but she deserves a personal private life like anyone does. If you liked her you would respect her fucking privacy and stop trying to get to know her.

  166. i wanna paris hilton email or number, not because i like her, i just wanna ask that Bimbo if she can transfer some money to my fuckin account, fuck the life, paris spends millions in a minute & i don't have money to pay my college fees!!!

  167. fucking bitch, no respect for anyone. Self centred whore who doesnt deserve to be on this planet.

  168. hey paris hilton
    hey my name is matthew watson
    im big fan of hilary duff send her letter
    can please tell her like meet sometime ok
    you are cool paris hilton can you help me please
    thank you
    matthew watson

  169. People.....Paris Hilton is rich for no reason, and all she does is show her ass off to the cameras. She cant even sing and her song, Stars are Blind, sucks ass!

    She never works, and there are people out there who deserve the fame because they WORK unlike Paris, who is a bad dog owner, bad singer, bad model, pretty much bad anything!

    So if you love her, just understand that she never did anything, only complain that her nail is broken. Shez not even that good looking!

  170. what the.....WHO DA HELL LOOKS UP TO PARIS?!

    When you wanna be a drag queen when you grow up, ask Paris for help.






  171. Dear Paris

    my name is Sarah and i liveing in Sweden .

    I love you! .

    I wannna be juste like you!

    //sarah your fan . . .

  172. Paris, I know you'll read this because |Iam the one you dreamt about last night and |I trulluy believe we are meant for one another. It is our destiny so that we both can finally feel love in the truest form.

  173. come find me and lets live happily ever after I want to melt into you aand you into me

  174. by the way i like her 2 n her new songs nothing in this world but other peoples r right !!! I WANT HER EMAIL ADDIE IM LIKE HER no.1 FAN....!!!.... i dont care wat peoples might say bout her we still like her no matter what ......u know wat u also might b right she might not have time 2 talk n all n just block us but when shes not busy she might wana talk ( i know i might b a lil late but yea ) . 4 GOD SAKE WHEN WILL SHE EVA COME 2 SYDNEY !!!!

  175. n 4 all those pplz who askin her 4 moneys y not just save u own or just BUY SOMTHING U NEED MORE !! COMMON SENCE !!!anyway i like her clothes n all !! U GO GIRL !! she is nice in the inside !!!!

  176. paris your the ultimate i wish you could be here for me i really love your cd its a real hit to me i know all the words to your songs and if i had a chance to meet you i would burst i have a chest full of many things and when you open it you would not believe your eyes your all over.4 years back I decorated my room in pink and i have posters of you on my birthday is soon and i want you to come PARIS HILTON YOUR MY ROLLMODEL!if ever had one second just to shake your hand or see you i dont know what would happen ive loved you since i was a critter in a basket with a bottle and binkey

  177. paris its me again and just want to say YOU TOTALLY ROCK ROLLMODEL PLEASE ANYONE OUT THERE IF YOU HAVE ANY INFO ON PARIS LIKE HER CELL,HOME.OR E-MAIL I WOULD MAKE YOU AN APPOINTMENT TO MEET HER TOO.i hope you have a great christmas to all especially you paris my e- mail is

  178. hey. well im probably like so like Paris. I dont try to be but me and my friend are like really hot chicks and we like to have fun and party and are always wearing high heels no matter what we are doing. I really haven't noticed how much we act like you till today. Seriously everyone we are "hott shit".
    email me peps
    (oh yah p.s. im conceited..get over it.)

  179. this is for that girl whos name is S. Fuck you you stupid bitch. Dont be jelous cause you can't be like her. I might say i hate somone too..but hello thats where jelously kicks in. I get called a barbie. But i dont mind... i actually like it. It fun to be pretty and get whatever you want. Just cause you aren't or can't be one of them girls its not Paris' fans fault. Right.
    ok. ya i think that all i needed to say. later babe.

  180. Hi Paris. I know that alot of people dont 'approve' of you. Why should they? They are just jealous. But i dont think they should hate you just because your a star. People that hate you only envy you because you actually are noticed. You are the greatest singer as well, i have your album and your stars are blind single. i adore you and i want to be just like you when i grow up.
    And a message to all of those people who dont like Paris Hilton, i dont like you, and even if you are nice and ive never met you before. Back off Paris just because she has a life.
    I'm not usually this angry in personality, im just sick of all those stupid gossip comumns.
    Paris if you get this message, i know you are probably to buisy to write back, i'm in Australia and when your having a concert please tell me, i have already saved seven hundred (australian) dollars so i can go. Please tell me when you are coming to Newcastle, i want to see my idol hopefully.
    If you write back, please tell me if 700 dollars is enough to go to your concert.
    This may sound like i am some sort of stalker but i am your hugest fan. I look at you in girlfriend magazine and all of my mums magazines as well. if you ever come to Newcastle please write, i made you a scrap book with all the pictures of you i could find. it's only 150 pages or so but its really cool.
    Email me, Jess, at

  181. Dear paris,
    ok i want you to know i am a very very big fan. You have such a good additude... Paris there are starving people and children over in Aferica. If you go to the web site for starving people it will show you photo after photo of starving men, women and children. It brakes my heart to see it. I know you are loaded with millions and billions of dollars and you can do what you wish with it.. so please take it over consideration to look at the pictures, see if it effects you?... i know you would do something if you knew!.. please help them... from your biggest fan.. Dee

  182. hii
    paris hilton we love you in kuwait .
    i love your smile .
    god protect you paris 🙂

  183. Hello, I think Paris Hilton is a fugly mole with a banana nose, she's a spoilt brat who had everything in life handed to her. She acts like a total slut (because she is one) and she's lucky that her friends forgave her which I don't think they should have done. She's pretty much f***ed everyone in Hollywood like the gay little c*nt she is. I hate her she should go die in a hole. I hope you read this so remember me when I'm famous because I'm gonna come find you and slap you because someone needs to do it. I'm glad Shana Barker beat the shit out of you, I cried with happiness because finally you got what you deserved. I hate Lindsay Lohan's guts but I would choose her over you any day that's how much I hate you, I hope someone starts a Paris Hilton Hate Club. Ahahhahahahhaha I laughed so hard when you got fired. Go die. Your greatest hater ever.

  184. Hi Paris

    I think you are the best. I love to watch you on T.V I think you are super hot and you deserve the best. Say hi to Nicole, I know you had a falling out but im glad to here that you guys are friends. I know its hard to have "girl" friends. They can be so complicating. Well groove it in the new year like you have been and remember new friends never hurt. You got me hooked on Louis Vuitton, I now own two and love them. Peace

  185. hi i want you to send me a picture of you autograph plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send back fast.

  186. here, mucho y my life is a disaster without you, my darling. With my 34985138749phone i don't really know what to do without your kisses and your links. If you invite me to NY i would invite you to the stars....provocative!!!!!!!!OUH, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!writing my 40MPNUD....

  187. paris? did that girl in pledge this actually kiss your FEET?! i only saw a still image of it on (the lesbian movie encyclopedia) but oh my god if that is real that is sooooo HOT! that makes me wannna mastur...........well you know what i mean


  189. Hy, I'm a big fan to

    I'm from Slovenija (middle Europe), i like u a lot but not becaoue of look but becaouse you seemd to me a good person and I like the show Simple life.

  190. Paris Hilton is a disgrace to any young woman. She is a horrible role model to any teenager, her aspects on how to spend her money is disgraceful. She is encouraging young girls to be sluts. She is advertising the wrong!
    Paris Hilton is so vein she won't look herself in the mirror and realized that she isn't as confident as she thinks, underneath that act she is trying to be, she is really unsure and believes the only way to not be affect by people is to hide the real her
    whats going to happen to her when she is old, wrinkle and lonely. There will be no one there to hold her up when reality hits. People will soon realise she was nothing but a young stupid spoilt brat. I think you people who adore her, are just as unsure as she is or an obessive fame wanna be, be yourself love live and others, I am 15 and I love myself and I am beautiful, I wish paris would use her money to help people. Pehaps then she will be respected.

  191. hey,
    I am 11 and I love paris Hilton. she is my role model. I love to have boobs like you sometimes I sneak out and go and meet up with oldie kids like 15 years old and get drunk I love it, you have inspirited me to be confident and show my body around, I have had sex 10 timeS!! world record. I wanna be a slut just like you! I love you U ROCK!

  192. all i have to say is Pari is off the hook and i love her for that.still waiting to have a chance to hang out with her.and for all you playa hatin biatches GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

  193. oh by the way sara,you must be fat and nasty to say some shit like that. you see winners dont have the time to talk shit about any one because they are to busy winning,on the othewr hand loosers have all the time in the world to talk kaka about people they dont see,because you are to busy order to lose all you hAVE TO BE IS JUST LIKE YOU ,YOU FREAKING PLAYA HATER!!!!

  194. i love you paris for ever and always.i mean you know give a brother at least a response or something.

  195. paris you are why not give a little and it will make you feel way have everything handed to you and you still need more. i think that you should have been a little more less have never had to see a loved one die. i have and you should give money to cancer funds.

  196. hey derrick you are a a** and you should really think of some else to love. 'cause you really need aLIFE!!!!!!!

  197. sara you have issues paris is cool and all but she is no slut. she may be spoiled and alittle blond butshe did not have sex at 11!!thats stupid. does your parents know? you seem like a over the top pre-teen slut!!!!

  198. hey derrick sorry ,misunderstanding. i'm so,so,so,so,so sorry.plz forget about it. sorry!! 😳

  199. hey there partygirl_134

    i do except your apology.i just dont like to hear or see people down play others no matter what the cause seem like a coll person and i would like to chat with you sometime 😎 its all good.


  201. i dont know if paris checks this or just shooting my chances for being able to meet the girl of my dream.if i got a repose from her that wopould make me the happiest man in the world.i just want to be able to walk in a spot with you next to me to let them all know that i am the best with the best there if you read this ,hit me seems as if im the only one writting this blog but i dont know what else to do.i was told when there is something that you want you must go for it.waiting on you my dear.

  202. hey derrick did you know that you can also write her a letter and she is most likely reply to you 😛

  203. derrick ,paris is great and i am truely sorry about what i said 😳 but thanks for not bein' too mad at me i'm a b.i.t.c.h sometimes,sorry!!hey did anyone here what happen at her b-day party!

  204. is anyone ever on this site? by the way paris wrote back my cousin so u other paris ppl can write her. 🙂


  206. where are you in the is world party girl/IM IN WASHINGTON DC.HIT ME BACK SO WE CAN CHAT A LITTLE BIT.

  207. does any one have paris hilton email i would love to chat to her

  208. hey paris,

    your awesome know you get tons of people who say that their your biggest fan but their liengcause your real #1
    fan is me call me at 1574 835 5468.

    luv ya,


  210. for all you people that left your emails & numbers... you are friggin' morons. hope you like spam & prank calls. 😈

    btw. shes not going to give the time of day to look at this site & read your crap, saying how much you love her/hate her. me, personally, i dont like her. i think her personality is rotten. but, i really dont care that she knows that or not. so yeah.

    theres my two cents. adios.



  212. Ow CMON!! How the hell can you POSSIBLY love that stupid boitch?? You know I bumped on this site because I typed a hate mail full of 'Fuck You Fuck You' all the time and I was looking for her (email)adress... I mean, just... open your eyes and wake up!! Paris is nothing but a little whore-bitch... She calls herself Marilyn Manson... Her stupidness is... inunderstandable(that's just simple said), her dad just gives her all these things, and she can't fucken' take care of herself... Shortly said... I HATE her...

  213. I agree with R@zor.

    Ref: the earlier quote by Paris Hilton.....

    "Hi, This is Paris Hilton. I don't know why I'm taking time from my busy life to post here...oh, now I know why ( te-he) It's to tell all you fucking loosers to shut the fuck up. I'm a millionaries and don't associate with lowlife scum of this world. You don't know me and god willing you never will. Leave me alone but don't stop seeing my movies and buying all of my expensive crap. You are all total LOSERS!!!

    Love Paris"

    What a load of shite, you are a fucking idiot. You can't spell, you drink and drive, you think you are above the law and that the rest of the world is there to serve you. Go fuck yourself you ugly little self centred bitch and join the real world.

    Not everyone is a thirteen year old girl that idolises your pathetic childish antics. Though it seems that there are a lot of them putting up posts on this site. Grow up you clowns.

    Most of us have self respect but how could you even know the meaning of that phrase. There is nothing to respect about you. You brandish yourself across the internet in porn videos. You attempt what I can only imagine you call acting, in movies like 'house of wax' which I had the displeasure of enduring at a friends house. What the fuck was that, your character was a filthy, stupid little slag. You didn't need to act.

    How does this sound. Do your 45 days and shut the fuck up. You did wrong and should be punished for it, the same as the rest of us would be. You're not special, except maybe in your lack of ability to conduct yourself like a grown up or to look after yourself. To put it bluntly, your THE LOSER.

    bye bye

  214. Go fuck yourself DERRICK. You weak minded tosser.

    Go and grow another brain cell and double your IQ you thick twat.

    How the fuck you managed to survive up until now is amazing. Tholidimide babies normally die shortly after birth.

    Maybe you should get yourself a hobby or something and stop fantasising about a dozy bitch that couldn't last five minutes in the real world without all of her molly coddling and silver spoon feeding servants around her.

    Take her into the jungle like on "I'm a celebrity" and fucking leave her there the thick bitch, see if I'm right.

    How the fuck anyone can be so obsessed with a self centred poisonous little bleached barbie with a melted fucking face is beyond me.

    DERRICK, you are a pathetic little LOSER and really need to look at your life because if she is the highlight of it you can't be enjoying it much.

    bye bye

  215. The Real Deal is the shit lol I agree with you.

    I wasted some of my life reading some of these posts,
    but then again it was probly worth it. You guys crack me up.

    Have a nice life 😀

  216. [quote comment="41054"]is anyone ever on this site? by the way paris wrote back my cousin so u other paris ppl can write her. :smile:[/quote]

    hey partygirl i am from holland and i am looking for the email or something like that of paris hilton becase i wanna ask her something but i cant find anything there must be something were all her fan's can write something for her

    please let me now


  217. Dear Paris I hate your stinking guts. The person who said that you were beauty was obviouly high at that time 🙂 I look much better than you and so do many ppl that i know. I mean shit looks better than you. You should have stayed in jail and rot for all i care. I hate Paris Hilton 😛

  218. I am glad there are others like me who dont care about this Paris person and think she is getting way too much publicity . She is truly a waste. And what brough her into my life was the mainstream major news channels. I am waiting to hear about the G8 summit and north Korea , Lenbanon , and Iraq--and i get this Paris bimbo. WHOOOO REALLLY CARES!!!! Then i started caring when i found out--she was supposed to be in jail for 45 days i think and she gets set free--to go back to her mansion???!!! For house arrest! What kinda justice is this!! Amazing --some justice and democracy we live in---where hae clout and money sets you free. Michael More--please do a movie on this---pleaseeee!

  219. Paris ur rich and georous and I wouldn't worry about a thing any ones says about you! The more they blow up about this on tv, the more your notice. the average american doesn't give a grap if you have been to jail because must of us been to jail for something stupid. I would love to have a chance to be somebody myself but like that would ever being broke coming from a little place in Pasadena TX(there's nothing around). You got a chance because ur dad opened hotels and you took off with your own career and became successful. People are just jealous and thats what comes with being famous. Who cares what people think ur still going to be on top!!

  220. every1 dumping on paris is so STUPID!! every1 has their own opion. say what u want but don't mess with ppl who like her.she is smart but acts dumb 'cause every1 thinks she is.THAT'S TOTAL B.S. GIVE HER A CHANCE CAUSE SHE IS REALLY COOL AND SWEET IF YOU GIVE HER THE CHANCE!!PLZ GIVE HER A CHANCE!!!! 😀

  221. F U partygirl_134 paris is a stupid spoiled slut that needs to be thrown in prison for life cuz she endangers everyone else doing what she deos but the only thing that she suffers out of it is she has to waist her breath asking daddy for bail money , drug money and etc. She never deos anything for money that she needs to work for.

  222. This little girl (Paris) should spend a couple of years in jail. Lock the little bitch up. WHAT IS SHE FAMOUS FOR ?????. ITs THE BRIAN DEAD MEDIA THAT GIVE HER THE ATTENTION. NOT THE PUBLIC.

    People around the world earn respect for there talent, not for who there daddy is.

    IF YOU DO THE CRIME YOU DO THE TIME. Cry all the way back to jail you little mole and have a good think about how you are and what you stand for - Most people in its position try to make the best out of what they have been GIVEN in a way of helping people less fortunate not making money from it.

    I hope you do hard time you 2bitslut - I call you that because thats what you are !!!!!.

  223. look i respect everyones comments but please just dont be so immature about all this if ppl r fans of her let them be, me personaly am not a fan nd never will be but i respect what ppl think nd do nd i think you all should do to thats all i gotta say sooo... cya

  224. look ben,plz don't say that 2 me.i never said anything bad about's just that PARIS try's get through all the crap that u ppl throw2 her & ur right she has not do anything very respectful(2 most ppl) but she does deserve to be respected by all ppl,just like u & every1 else on this site.


  226. shut up ben and party gurl i say that paris doesnt exist 2 go 2 prison shes nt even alive believe me!!! they found her dead this morning in her bead heart attack!!!!!!! ❗ 🙁

  227. hey there party girl,
    i respect you 100 sucks that peeople are the way they are.most likely they are ugly fuck faces.we both know this .and the funniest thing is that they know it..but its okay.we let the fuckin ugly people be,why cant the let paris be?

  228. crystal and partygirl_134 you are both pathetic. You two must both be about thirteen years old. Try reading the posts instead of trying to sound clever kissing Paris Hilton's arse.

    She is a spoiled brat who acts the way she does because it impresses immature little teens like yourselves. Just take the way she cried for mammy when she was carted back off to jail. She's twenty six for fuck sake. She should try acting it.

    It seems the whole family are losers, her sister fucked off shopping to get over the imprisonment of Paris. What the fuck is that all about. Oh, my sister's been jailed so I'll go buy a new set of clothes to cheer myself up. Fucking idiot.

    What's more, as a serving soldier about to head off to Iraq I think I can speak for most of the military personnel when I say fuck you Paris Hilton, don't try to sound like you give a shit about anyone else but yourself by bringing the subject of our efforts into your little media circus.

    Crystal, get a life and a job. By the sound of it you are a loser as well, broke and living in Pasadena ! Paris isn't gorgeous, unless you're a dog lover. She's a fucking hound, and not a nice one at that. She'd never win at Crufts, put it that way.

    Partygirl_134, where do I start. You say that Paris Hilton deserves to be respected by all people, why ? She is just a big kid. She became famous through her father's name, not hers. She did a porn movie on the internet, attempted to act but was shit to say the least, got arrested for drink driving and then failed to attend when she had to. Cried for mammy in court when she was taken back to jail. What a great role model for kids. You say she has a career of her own ! I wonder how much of Daddy's money was used to get her the chance.

    She whines on about 45 days in jail, she'll be in better conditions than we will be in Iraq. Send her out there with us, maybe she'll learn something.

    Anyway, have you looked closely at her photographs, you can see lots of little holes in her cheeks. That's from when the butler was on holiday and she tried to feed herself with a fork. She's too retarded to hit her fucking mouth, as big as it is. The fucking Whore.

    bye bye

  229. ok thats it.i was trying to be nice.u have ur own opion but do not bring me in with the shit u have to say.u can bitch about PARIS if u want but i was trying to give her a's not my fault ur a stupid bitch and are probably an ugly one at that.i give ppl a chance cuz they may have made mistakes in the past(like me) but when u act like a bitch and i didn't say anything 2 u then we have a problem.stop acting like a bitch 2 me and crystal.if shes poor then so what,do u want to give her money?no,then shut the hell up. EVERYONE READING THIS THAT IS NOT "THE REAL DEAL",I'M SORRY FOR MY LANGUAGE BUT THIS GURL IS A REAL BITCH!!OH, AND SO IS ANY1 ELSE THAT MESSES WITH CRYSTAL OR ME!!MY BITE IS WORSE THEN MY BARK, SO BACK OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. so "THE REAL DEAL" you say your a serving soldier. I RESPECT YOU VERY MUCH for that but your still an real didn't need to pick out ppl to pick on.your a soldier and you probably will be missing your family and missing your special someone,so don't worry what i say if you are going to be an ass.I DEEPLY RESPECT YOU!!but i can't let you down grade what if paris got her career start from her daddy's money,to me that just makes it alot easier but you still have build from the bottom.I'M SORRY ABOUT WHAT I SAID EARLY BUT YOUR ACTING LIKE AN ASS,SORRY.

  231. sooooo, "TRD"(the real deal)are you a woman cuz then i can say your jealous of paris.Also whats up with every1 saying F*ck you 2 ppl?i don't know but yall are so immature(not some ppl but most).whats the big deal? paris gets attention,so does the government,the working class ppl,and every1 a way every1 of the ppl on this site is just as sneaky,selfish,bitchy,and rude as the why don't we all just get along and resect each other.hope every1 has a great day.
    😀 😛 😆 ❗

  232. i said resect but forgot the "P" so know it'd respect.sorry every1

  233. Paris, I hope you read your email. I'm a mom of three teenagers. All I can say is....You can still make a difference in young people's life. It's a wake up call for you. Nobody's perfect. Keep your chin up and move on and make a change, it's never too late. You will see that people will respect you more for a better Paris Hilton. Goodluck and regards to your family. Choose the right friends and listen to your parents, you won't go wrong.

  234. i love you party girl,you are so fierce.fuck them haters .im with you on should hit me up sometime.would like to holla at you off this are my type of tolerance for bs!!!thats whats up!!!

  235. Hi Paris Hilton and Everyone!!! 😎

    Each of you are part of me as you are on your own.. However, you need to be respecting each other with L♥ve and Peace!!! You have built this lawful on your own and all of you all are following in the rightous way... I know Paris is being punished by the people because of the law made it do so.. She is learning to adjust with the reality to be more mature and respectful that will satify her needs... Your wish are in your command only you act on it... Everyone are learning the reality of life on themselves... Soon one day I shalt sound the ♪♫Trumphet♫♪ on the day I crossover... By the way, nothing is perfect in reality but in this other dream realm it is there and it is perfect... PLEASE BE PRO♥LOVE AND PRO♥PEACE!!! 🙂

  236. Hi Paris!!

    I dont watch any TV program.... in fact I dont have a TV set in my home....

    But its impossible not to know about you.... or being more specific... about your disfortune....

    To be sincere, I didnt care much about you, or your life.... but today I opened my mail and in the ads banners in the web page I read an ad telling that you were back to prision..... and I saw a pictrure of you really devastated.... and to be sincere one more time, That image touched me inside....

    any way..... to be short.....

    I lived something that really changed my life.... and I am sure it will change yours..... is Vipassana meditation..... its a 10 day course, and its FREE.... like the best things in life.....

    PLEASE!!! Note that I am NOT member of the organization or whatever..... I just take the 10 day course and become an experience that change my life.....

    click the link below....

    I dont know if you will ever read this , if this is ur email or whatever.... but anyway, I send it to you.... at least here is the intention, the good vibration for you.......

    just click and read what is about.... maybe is what you are looking for .....

    best regards .... and the best for you forever...

  237. hey,don't know whats going but i kno you can figure it what do all you haters have 2 say 2day?derrick go 2 and look for's that easy. 🙂 \

  238. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, bring it on part girl. You have proven my point that you are thick as fuck. The way you write on this site leads me to think that you are some sort of gangland beeatch. Maybe you think you can bust a cap in my ass. Bring it on you fucking ho. Maybe I'll go on to piss you off there as well.

    You say it makes it easier that Paris got a start from her daddy, then why is she putting posts on here stating that she hates those people who aren't from money. It's not jealousy from me, it's outrage at her stinking attitude. She thinks she's better than everyone else when she's actually a pathetic child minded freak. Being a so called celebrity she should be acting like a grown up and setting an example for the younger generation.

    As for you Derrick, you need to grow a pair and stop being such a lap dog. As i said in a previous post, if Paris is the highlight of your life then you should have a good look at yourself you fucking loser.

    Now fuck off the pair of you before I come to America and smash the fuck out of you both.

    Paris is a melted faced little ho with the intelligence of a fat lasses sweaty jock strap.

  239. Now THAT'S the truth!!

    I mean, looking at the way PartyGirl writes her posts obviously shows that she's a 10-year cunt bitch with no friends at all. She wines at The Real Deal's insults in his posts... How low can you be?...

    I am totaly with The Real Deal; It's not jealousy, but frickin' outrage. Look at The Simple Life, and further explanatory is unnecesary. It proves that she's THE most childish ho in the world, not being able to take care of herself... Also, The Real Deal, about the holes in her cheek; 😀 That was a big truth, btw 😉

    PartyGirl(*Ugh*), you say; 'Give Paris Hilton a chance, she's mature if you give her the chance!!'... How CAN you POSSIBLY give this FUCKbitch a damn chance...? 😕

    I just can't understand...

  240. She AIN'T mature in reality, she's a bitch with brains the size of a frickin' walnut 😕

  241. Your Future is There.. ➡

    Once upon a time I was sittiing in Tiburon, California.. It's a beautiful day very warm on San Francisco Bay Area.. I can see Angel Island.. Hence~ At the time~ I am sitting on this cemet bench~ Surrounded by green grass lawn with walkway path and benches with rows of 4 feet pillar posts line-up along the pathway.... There is a Bluish Grey Building run along by a Brick Road Circle U-Turn... There are also Condos with water in background.. All of suddenly~ I heard a very loud BIG HUMMMM then an enormous flash like static energy zapped me right into the air .. I am floating above the city as I am witnessing the destruction in slow motion.. There are no people around... I feel safe and protected while heard this loud BOOMING Voice Mumbles Jumbos.. This voice is hard to understand but, I just knew it what it meant to be... All your future will give you a rude awaking and everyone will know it... On that final day~ I shalt sound the Trumphet and we all will crossover Together into this new REALM ❗ 🙂

  242. Hi all,

    Just here to offer my sincerest support to Paris Hilton. I have been with her on many occasions here in the UK and in LA, NY and Chicago.

    She is the most amazing person I have met, and I am proud to have her as a friend of mine. I support her in everything she does, says and gives opinion on. Its weird to say but I think she is the female version of me! Yes I am better than you people that are reading this - just before you start accusing me!

    Any babe...keep strong and I will always spread the word and keep our spirit alive - sod the rest f the world, who are they?
    G xx

  243. If you're so 'better' than us, then why do you take the trouble to respond to our... lovely hate mail?? Get back to your boring little life, sitting at home on your lazy arse all day. You have no future and you know it.

    there, you deserved to know the truth.

    A yes, and you are fat. Very fat.

  244. Hi Everyone.. 😎

    Nothing is Perfect in Reality!!! No one is Perfect or Better we are the same!!! Everyone make mistakes.. I believe in Pro~Love and Pro~Peace and that's a Positive Reponse.. We all communicate differently and all of our response(s) in this lifetime has been somewhat challenging... By the way, Paris will be freed on 6/26/07 and we all wish her the Best!!!


  245. You idiots DO realize you're commenting back and forth on a site that Paris Hilton will probably never visit (and probably never has). This is my blog. Have any of you actually read the original entry? It's from 2003.

    Drop it, already. I'd close the comments, but it's fun watching all of you embarrass yourselves.

  246. I see nothing to be embarrass on Freedom of Speech!!! Anyways we are not idiots and so please repect us!!!

  247. [quote comment="42118"]I see nothing to be embarrass on Freedom of Speech!!! Anyways we are not idiots and so please repect us!!![/quote]

    No, you're pretty much an idiot, and one incapable of using proper grammar at that.

  248. Yes, actually, Erik, you're right... I'll stop posting stupid comments here, insulting everyone different than me... We DO know that that bitch *I'm sorry* Paris will or has never visit(ed) this site. We're just posting our comments here, our point-of view, our thoughts about her. Apparently some of us(including me) have overreacted, getting our right, and I apoligize for that. It was immature.

    Anyways, thx for sorting things out 😉 I'd close this board if I where you 😛

  249. I dont care what you people think, all i knw is what i feel and how i feel for a dear friend - yes i know she would never come here, why would she, but i stumbled across this page and thought i would defend a friend.

  250. hi Paris 😀 you are wonderful!!! that's hot :mrgreen:
    i love you so much :** :)))
    please write me :

    thet we can talk... 🙂

  251. i write again :mrgreen: write me please, If you have time.... I just need someone to listen to my problems cause I think you would be A good listener. :))
    me E-mail

  252. Uhmm..

    Paris I want to sing a duet with you.. I'm from turkish origine and I'm a singer, together we can make it.. Maybe its impossible but still you never know..

    If you want, you can add me or send me an e-mail so I can send you a demo.. 🙂

    Thats all :p..

  253. every1 on this site, ijust want 2 say stop. my grandfather just i have decided 2 say i'm sorry 2 every1 and i hope everyones family is ok. i hope that every1 here can have a great life and stop hating because life is 2 short.

    1. missing you party girl

  254. Hey Paris,

    If you really do read this website, please know the following...

    1. It doesn't matter what I think about whether time in jail was deserved or not, becasue let's be honest you don't care what I think. nobody makes the business decisions and manages to keep the wealth in their family for generations by running around carrying about what other people think.

    2. I don't idolize, but I also can't hate you. I don't know you. And to be frank no one on this website does. They've watched the interviews, they've read the books, and I'm sure they've collected the most Paris stickers ever! lol 🙂 But they don't know you, and they don't know what goes on behind closed doors. So how can they decide which side of the fence they sit on, knowing partial facts? partial stories? partial history? I'd hate to have jury like that.

    3. I firmly believe God does work in mysterious ways. Maybe you've changed, maybe not, and maybe there's just an image to change, and you are still the same person. Regardless there is a lot of good things to be done out there. Currently I am looking for a little girl that was kidnapped by her grandmother 4 years ago. There have been sightings of her, but no luck tracking her down. No I don't want your money, you've earned it and your family has earned it... but support alone can go a long way to helping reach our goal.

    Send me an email if you are ever looking for new causes. I'm just not willing to pay some bogus company money for your fake address. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and know that there are people out there who have no fence at all, let alone sit on either side of it.


  255. Uhhh okay you guys didndt hear this from me... but ive heard her email address is

    Dumb bitch spelled peppermint wrong, so theres a start it could be her, i dont know though, ive sent a couple emails and got some responses but yeah check it out to make sure.

  256. G Baby!!

    Dont fuckin post it on the net for all to see Dumbass!!!! I have reported you to the website for misuse and harrassment.

  257. No. Thanks, G babay. Finally found the bitch's email. I've sent a mail full of 'Fuck You Fuck You' to her. Once again she hears the truth. Thanks for sharing it!

  258. Paris - I would like to send you an email of encouragement and support for this new phase of your life. I believe you are genuine in your commitment to change. All the best for the future.

  259. R@z0R

    Grow up you little saddo! She is adorable and lovely, i have sent her an email to her PROPER address not the made up one posted in here which is only received by the DUMBASS that is posting it!

    People like you should be shot or gassed at birth and let the rest of us get on with being wonderful, superior and better than parasites like you.

    End OF.

  260. Graham - can you send me her email

  261. So I'm a parasite who should be shot or gassed at birth, hu? I'm wondering what kind of a fat bastard like yourself would dare saying that. You're just lucky you live at the other side of the world, or I would've kicked the hell outta you. You're gay and you know it. Please die, thank you!

  262. [quote comment="5703"]Hey, I thought i'd let you know that SHOPPAHOLIC26@YAHOO.COM isnt paris' email cause I actually have her email, cell number, address etc so yeah.[/quoter

    are u her friend?can i get her email?rili wanna talk to her.thanks dude

  263. do not ask me for her info, i am not about to give it out to anyone.

  264. Graham

    How do you manage to breathe without supervision.

    A fucking retarded sheep like you should have been gassed at birth. You're not superior, better or wonderful you jumped up little prick.

    Maybe you'd like to meet me somewhere and discuss the matter face to face you cowardly, big mouthed little fuckwit.

    People like you make the NORMAL people sick. We actually have a justified existence, unlike the PARASITES that you claim to be superior.

    Try this idea out for size. In the old Monarchy system in England there were lords, earls, viscounts etc.... that were known as the nobles and thought they were better than everyone else and deserved to rule. Your attitude seems very similar. Perhaps we should have a global uprising against these so called 'superior people' that you mentioned and behead the mother fuckers like they used to then. Maybe we can do what King Edward did with William Wallace of Scotland and Hang, Draw and Quarter you, just to give us some extra enjoyment.

    In short Graham, you're a prick who was quite likely born into money or kissed some serious arse to make your way into their pathetic little circles and hang on like the lap dog you sound like. I doubt you have much of an education behind you(whereas I am currently studying for my third masters degree whilst working in the armed forces in Iraq) so I won't expect a very cohesive response from you.

    So, you pathetic maggot, fuck off with the attitude or I may just make use of MY network of friends and colleagues across the globe to find you and deal with you accordingly. You little shit.

    The Real Deal.

  265. whatever......i left school at 15, i make no secret of that, and i choose my friends very carefully, and i am loyal to people i class as real friends, people i find a connection to and people i get on with on all levels - paris is one of those people, hence my comments i have made here, and now i have said my say and expressed my support i will leave here and go do something more worth my while.

  266. Graham,

    So, your off to do something more worthwhile with your time then.

    Would that be licking windows or slavering down somenones leg as you hump it.

    As you have shown here, you are ARE an uneducated thick little retarded fuckwit who has no basis for the argument you have tried to put forward here. With your obvious lack of education you are NO BETTER than the shit on the bottom of someones shoe after a walk in the park. YOU ARE A LEECH ON SOCIETY, WORSE THAN THOSE WHO ARE HOMELESS AND STEAL TO SURVIVE. At least they have a reason for what they do, unlike you.

    You are the scum of the earth, an uneducated and pompous prick who has a delusion of importance around himself which is completely unjustified. You will try to continue in life by kising arse and sucking up to anyone who will pay your way because you are no good for anything else. Compare this behaviour to the creatures of the animal kingdom and you are most like a dog, begging for the scraps from someone elses table.

    You are pathetic. You're no use nor ornament, just a silly low life wanker that needs to assess himself very carefully and get a life. Paris is a thick bitch and you follow her around like a dog, does she have a leash for you and smack you when you shit on the carpet ?

    Deal with it loser.

    You don't have the intelligence to make an argument and you'd lose if you did anyway. Your so called 'better people' rely on those of us with brains to keep you going, without us you'd never survive. So try respecting people instead of walking around with your head up your own arse you tosser.


  267. fuc you paris hilton im your cusen im heat you you is fuj and stupid

  268. spoke with the intelligence of a newt.....go back to state school you make THEM look intelligent!

  269. hey there ,whats up folks,havent written in a while.i hope all is good woth every one.well,my girl seems as if she is on the right, kep doin what cha doin.just promise me that you will or are making 50 cent strap up with that jimmy. hat.

    your boy DC DEE

  270. hey there guys,how is every thing.where are you party girl.its been a while since you have yelled at me.LOL!!!! would love to hear from you 😛

  271. im not love you how old is you plasse?

  272. hy these is my mail im nives im from croatia im yor cusen good day! hy do you give me 10000$ please!!!

  273. [quote comment="5650"]i need the e-mail adress from paris too because i am from switzerland and i don't know what is the mark of the hat from paris in the "simple life".the baseball cap was red anc once again beige.please paris say me the mark of your nice cap[/quote]

    If you have just the email adress of paris hilton I would be gratefull to you. any clue, will be gratefull.
    Sorry, Im just a mexican poet that doesn´t speak your language but is important to me to prove that sliding words can contact you to any dream that you configurate.


  275. You ppl that r begging 4 money r all poor my family will b richer than any of u well bak to the subject Paris rules and the real deal can't b her bc on June 18 2007 She was at a party ell day so yet

  276. The tape didnt get out because it was misplaced.

    She was with Shanon Doghetys ex for 2 years and they made a film of which he uploaded everywhere and sold to get money.
    So many people have given her such bad press for it but she thought she could trust him loads and he went behind her back.
    She knows it was a mistake.

    You lot on here pretending you have her email address and pretending you know her etc are just pathetic.
    Get real.


  277. hi all...pls..i wanna wrote to paris hilton.i llike her verry much..who can give me her mail plzzzz?

  278. i am 18 and have 4 chidren, my first child was concieved when i was 11. YES! justin, my son is 6 and a half years old! my youngest daughter is 2 months old. i was a huge fan of paris untill id sent off the 100000th letter to paris in the mail! and once again no reply.... SO im going to see what it will take for her to send a reply to me now.... im going to slice my wrist one time a day untill the day i get a reply! and if it doesnt work within 2 to three weeks, i will do worser things,

    so paris? will you reply to me now?

    missy XoXo

  279. stlii missing you paris.i wanna make love to you so bad but you dont even know that i exist.thats okay i masterbate thinking of you every night.


  280. We have been watching Paris Hilton's BFF. Where do they get hold of these people? They're from another planet!