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Kayak Shots

Here are a few kayak fishing shots I wanted to post - with a bit of quick commentary - before I forget that they're there. In order…

  1. Squinting is what I do best when staring into the sun. I think I look like a bug.
  2. Shark on in this one. This is the first shark (and a later shot shows it from a distane).
  3. Still playing with that shark in this one, just like in the above shot.
  4. The shark making its way towards my kayak is perhaps the one I caught later that same day.
  5. Not squinting as much, but a good shot with decent lighting.
  6. The shark I caught can be seen in this photo. You can see its head, its tailfin, and a bit of its back. It was a 3 1/2 foot shark that weighed around 30 lbs.
  7. Five foot alligators are nothing to sneeze at either.

I hope my Cybershot arrives soon… Scanning is going to get old really quickly.

One Response to "Kayak Shots"

  1. That shark's cool :). Being the Westcoast Surferdude I am, I have a little bit of a distant love for them 🙂 I know, I know, but still 🙂