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QotD: Cart

Question: This is a different kind of question, because I haven't got an answer per se, but am seeking answers. The question is this: now that I've started an ITMS Shopping Cart (I'd previously used "Buy Now" exclusively), what songs should I add to the cart? Please answer by linking to albums, artists, or specific songs.

My Answer: I tend to like pop crap for doing work (music you don't have to think about), R.E.M. and Toad the Wet Sprocket type stuff for the thoughtful times, and occasionally other types of music if they offer something new or humorous. For example, the song "Area Codes" by Ludacris cracks me up, though I typically despise most rap.

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6 Responses to "QotD: Cart"

  1. "Move" and "Area Codes" both crack me up. Seriously, I don't use iTMS as much as I should, and now being on cable, I don't use the 'cart much.

  2. Having searched for 25 random artists I have in my CD collection and only finding one of them (Nine Inch Nails), I gave up on the music store.

    The online music stores just don't have anything matching my style.

  3. Barenaked Ladies. Their new album is pretty good with Gordon being their best. Elliot Smith is great too. I'd go for Either/Or for an album or Say Yes, Angeles, or Miss Misery for singles.

    Sorry, I'd give links but my dumb ass corporate lan has blocked. So I can't get into the link maker.

  4. Just found the greatest band ever in iTMS. I was surprised they were actually in it. Tenacious D