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In the Zone

britney_purple2.jpgSo, I gave In the Zone a listen tonight. In the words of the man kind enough to send a copy my way: "I didn't realize how much she was trying to be like Madonna until I heard this." Madonna's left her mark all over this album. You could swap the vocals and most people might not even be able to tell the difference. Britney is now about sweaty sex. Not like "XTina" sweaty sex, but Britney sweaty sex. Britney's gone from the girl in a schoolgirl* outfit to the girl who dresses up in schoolgirl outfits, if you know what I mean.

Every song (every song!!) sounds like it could be played to the sound of the club or love scenes in Fastlane or Las Vegas. Unfortunately, Britney's voice, when she's not doing the sultry whisper thing, is simply too childish to pull this off. She's, regardless of how hard she tries, not Madonna. To be fair, Madonna wasn't Madonna at first either, but emulating someone else - even if they're as successful as Madonna - usually doesn't work in the end. Then again, this is pop music, so it may work quite nicely.

In an interesting twist of "hey, I knew you when" we see the following analogy: Britney : Madonna :: Justin Timberlake : _________ The answer, of course, is "Michael Jackson." Britney's going for "new queen of pop" and Justin's going for the whole "pop king" thing. Do you think this is what they discussed while they were busy, y'know, not having all that sex they weren't having?

* In the …Baby One More Time video.

6 Responses to "In the Zone"

  1. I like the analogy. Does that mean Justin's going to start dying his skin so he becomes black? 😛

  2. Dude. Ya gotta stop with the pics. NNW is becoming a non-work-safe thing. 🙂

  3. really quite dull, really. with her bodie plastique. I mean. what are you? MAN OR MASTURBATOR?

  4. and her inane, facile songology.

  5. pinque windoe. Why > ?

  6. Okay, I dun' listen to her at all, but...

    Why is everyone so bitter?

    Who cares whatever she does or doesn't?

    It's her life, she can either mess it up or not.