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I'm considering buying a copy of iRecordNow. I've just sent the authors an email asking if they'd like to trade, in fact, for a license to any Freshly Squeezed Software product. Has anyone used it? It seems rather simple (which is good) and it works with my iSight as it should. The controls could use some numeric input because they're a bit too "loose," but stretching the drawer increases the width (and thus the granularity of the slider). I dunno, I'm just rambling.

P.S. The thing comes as a package. Lame! It's just a folder with some web locations and some other documents. Give it to me as a .dmg with a drag and drop folder on it, not a .pkg.

One Response to "iRecordNow"

  1. Re: .pkg

    We will add a question to our feedback form soon to ask users what they prefer.

    Some users tell us the .pkg allows them to use the Apple NetInstall feature to deploy the software to many machines at once. Other users simply expect an installer.

    Enjoy iRecordNow


    Oliver Breidenbach

    on behalf of the iRecordNow team