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Picking up Chicks

I think Eric (the imposter) sent this to me: The Ferrett's Rules For Picking Up Chicks. The cartoon he links to is amusing, and typically not my kind of cartoon. Fap fap fap. Anyway…

Perhaps I should start applying these rules. Samantha won't mind, will she? Ha.

Rule 1: sex is not love. Nope, can't do that - I've had sex without having many feelings for the woman, and it flat out didn't work. I'm not one for casual flings, and I know this about myself already (as does Samantha). Moving on…

Rule 2: never hang around someone just because you want to bang them. I am half guilty of this. I've hung around people because I want to date them, and of course sex would follow eventually, but just for the banging? Nope. See #1 above.

Rule 3: tell them you want to bang them, but be okay with the answer. Yeah, uhh, no. Replace "bang" with "date" and I can safely say I've not followed this rule. Why? Cuz I'm a schmuck.

So, there we have it. Have what? I don't know, but that took up four minutes of my otherwise eventless day. 🙂