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QotD: Memories

Question: To what non-physical (people, places) things are your strongest memories tied?

My Answer: As my previous post answers: music. However, I've heard that for many people, it's a smell, a sound (non-musical), a general feeling. For some it may be the color green. I'm curious to see the answers.

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8 Responses to "QotD: Memories"

  1. Smells, I think.

    I smell certain things, and then remember something i've come to associate with that smell. For instance, I was coming downstairs last week and smelt gingerbread, which reminded me of Christmas last year.

  2. Definitely music for me.

  3. I can't play Micro Machines on the Playstation any more, because it reminds me of a very bad headache I had while playing it a long time ago...

  4. Definitively music.

    I actually posted a similiar post to yours some time ago.

  5. Music, hands down.

  6. Music is sound, which is a physical thing. Smell is also a physical thing as is touch.

  7. mnb, you knew what I meant. And next time, leave a real name and a real email address. This "" stuff is crap. As it says above the form into which you enter your comments, Have some guts and use a real name, email, and URL.

  8. Wind. I grew up in South West Florida, so certain winds will totally remind me of other times and places. There is a different feel and smell to cold front winds, "two to three days before the hurricane" winds, the weak wind before the typical afternoon shower, etc.

    After 20+ years in FL I am getting to the point where I can feel what the weather will be. I used to think that was a myth.