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.term Files

Has the format for .term files changed in some way? In Mac OS X 10.2, you could set up a terminal window the way you'd like, hit cmd-s, and save a .term file. You could then open the file, add something to the <ExecutionString>, and then you'd have a double-clickable "application." I used these quite heavily with Terminal Pal.

Under 10.3, I've saved some .term files, they're set to open in the terminal, and I can double-click them. Nothing happens. Terminal Pal can open the files with the terminal ([[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] openFile:... withApplication:@"Terminal"];) but again, nothing happens.

So, what's up with that?

3 Responses to ".term Files"

  1. I've found that sometimes the Terminal in Panther simply stops opening .term files after a while. If I quit Terminal and start it again, then double-clicking .term files will work again, for an hour or so.

    It didn't have this problem in the developer seeds this summer.. it showed up in 7B85 (10.3) and has stuck around in 7C107 (10.3.1).

    I really should go file a bug report...

  2. Quitting the Terminal as you suggest seems to have solved the problem indeed. Hrmph.

  3. I think I've figured out why this occurs - do you guys use OnMyCommand, and in particular the 'Open Terminal Here' command?

    As soon as I use that I can no longer open .term files, a restart of terminal does indeed fix it.

    The real question is - how to stop 'open terminal here' screwing things up?

    Even better would be an 'open .term file here' if you see what I mean.