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For years, we've been able to command-drag windows in the background to arrange them without first changing the focus to the window itself. Try command-dragging a Finder window you've got in the background. What happens when you're done dragging? It comes to the front. >:-o

Update: now it seems to be okay. At one point yesterday, any time I clicked on the desktop it selected everything between where I'd clicked and the lower-right corner of my screen. I even saw the drag rectangle. I clicked around to try to get out of it. Switching to another app, switching back to the Finder, and a cmd-a made that anomaly go away.

5 Responses to "Cmd-Drag"

  1. Strange, I can still command drag fine (running 10.3.1)

  2. Works fine for me.

    Erik, it seems like there's something wrong with your OS X installation... First you complain about misplaced accents and now this.

  3. How it seems to work for me is: cmd-drag works normally if you drag of the window's title bar; however, if I cmd-drag using the window's status bar, the window comes to front when I let go of the mouse button. That sounds like what you were complaining about, and definitely qualifies as an interface glitch.

  4. Command-drag doesn't seem all that well thought out in Panther, as I wrote last week.

  5. Seems to be particularly troublesome with textured windows, where you can't tell if you're grabbing the title bar or the toolbar. When you cmd-click in a toolbar, it will bring it forward immediately. When used on the status bar, it will drag in the background, but raise on mouse up. On the side borders, though, it will drag in the background appropriately.