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QotD: Blogs

Question: If you were to plot the number of blogs you read on a graph's y axis and time on the x axis, how would you describe the resulting line?

My Answer: It would start very small, then skyrocket. It would plummet to about 140 when I realized I didn't have time to read 200, then it would slowly decline to the 100 or so I have now. I'm hoping to prune that to 75 in the next week, in fact.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Blogs"

  1. I'm not very good at describing lines, so I'll just deal with numbers. I downloaded my very first news aggregator early in 2003, and now subscribe to about 30 personal weblogs. I'm sure that number will rise as I find more, but I bet 30 isn't bad for a non-blogger.

    Yes, NSLog() is one of thirty, feel special... but for how long 0:-)

  2. Flat at the top of the chart. The joys of NetNewsWire. I can 'read' what I want and bypass the garbage.

  3. Five to ten. No line, maybe an egg-like shape with a lot of dots in it.